Brexit explained: what happens when the UK leaves the EU?

Here’s our guide to how Brexit will affect you.

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The UK is set to officially leave the EU on 29 March 2019. But what happens next?

Economic crash? Restoring British democracy?

From hard Brexit and hard borders, to soft Brexit or the Chequers deal – here’s everything you need to know.


Animation: Ian Watkins
Script: Martin Williams
Narration: Kiran Moodley
Sound: Matthew Lucas
Producers: Martin Williams and Kieron Bryan


46 thoughts on “Brexit explained: what happens when the UK leaves the EU?

  1. The public were sleep walking into this vote. Who really understood all of the issues before ticking the box? And who, that voted leave, are now angry about the lies told to them by the campaign they supported?

  2. Subtly biased – forgets to mention that UK imports more than it exports, there's nothing stopping the UK from importing from Africa, N/S America, Middle East or Asia
    For example there will be a massive hole in German car manufacturers order books.
    Oh, and who's this aircraft manufacturer? Boeing? (American)

  3. 11 minutes is a long time to say 'nobody knows'. Nobody, including the politicians, actually know what is going to happen. That's the problem. Everything else is what-ifs and scaremongering.

  4. The UK is one of the EU’s largest investors, along with Germany and France bailing out countries such as Greece and eventually Italy or Portugal which is looking like happening, staying in a political union which is implementing articles such as articles 11 and 13 is seeming far stretched, voting through laws and regulations without real discussion more like a mass voting system. Realistically it’s going to be fine, scaremongering is given by both sides, the remainders saying that it is the end of the world and the leavers saying it’s a betrayal. I believe Brexit can work if done correctly and there can be a few ways of doing it wether hard or soft, personally I’m leaning towards the harder side as we voted to leave and not abide by laws which we will not have power to influence .

  5. As millennials, we have to have are information delivered in a cartoon/cutaway slide show. As it's the best way to get through to us.
    To think. In 10-15 years time, we millennials will be in-charge and making the rules/regulations….WE'RE GETTING OLD!!!! lol

  6. The idiots who want to remove democracy from our shores are soon going to find they have no vote on anything at all, only a dictatorship they cannot question.
    Once you overturn ONE legitimate vote you open the door for every general election to be questioned on the grounds of 'the people didn't understand what was on offer'.
    So, if the Liebour shysters get in next time, I assume we can have a second vote?
    I mean, I don't think the general public understand the benefits of UKIP and need a second chance to reslise their mistake.

  7. I didn’t care about brexit before watching this but my friends keep on about it so I thought I’d watch it but I still don’t care because it do t really affected me

  8. As a non-EU/UK citizen I don't care of Brexit at all. But as a learner of English, I do care of good pronunciation, and for as a learner I find it awful to hear a professional narrator using Cockney accent features in speech. I mean F's or V's instead of 'TH' sounds, 'norvern' instead of 'northern', glottal stops instead of T's, (suppor'ers) 'deaw' instead of 'deal' etc. Is it somehow connected with Brexit that some British narrators cannot speak well? Or the "cockneysation" is taking over the TV and radio as well? Will the situation get better after Brexit? Or will the RP be changed so as to have cockney accent features included in the future? or probably it has already been done and it's only me not being aware of it?

  9. The UK has become a pathetic Orwellian creation, populated by cowards who so quickly throw away the sovereignty their forefathers literally died for in favor of a European government that can never be voted out. A EU government who dictate our every move, decimating our industries, while the European political class has been bought and paid for by Soros' Open Society ($21 Billion) Here's a leaked list of everyone in the EU parliament on the payroll for all the fuckwit remainers; Idiots.

  10. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT……How are Thousands of POOR people from and the Middle East also Africa getting to Europe? Most cannot afford food in their own country. IT MUST BE HAPPENING IN THE AFRICAN MEDITERRANIAN COUNTRYS. The migrants must be getting their money from somewhere. Just like in the migrants in Honduras who are trying to get to America YES they are photographed getting paid to go BY ??????? only one evil person can afford that sort of money, the multi billionaire GEORGE SOROS Or is HIM and Saudi Arabia. Money NOW being given out in Honduras and possibly the North African Coast ??????????? THINK ABOUT IT. This is something that should be looked into by the press, what a story it would be.
    Copy and paste the following line into YouTube
    BOOM! Honduran Caravan CAUGHT Getting PAID To INVADE United States – GOP Rep Sounds the Alarm

  11. This video is misleading by equally balance the future international trade the U.K. might forge after brexit with those currently enjoying under the EU, the EU is an area of commun rules and regulations where UK can trade goods business and finances in the same way as they do in UK territory, and therefore by staying in EU the U.K. market is 500 millions people, and that is like that cause EU is integrated by small countries, so they are really interested in working together so extended their own markets. But international trading are between countries with diferentes rules and regulations and interests. For example why USA should open its 330 millions market to the UK who alone is only 65 millions market. That's why international trading deal is normally only involved reduce tariffs for goods but not finances and business and therefore the benefits of those international trading are very limited compare to those U.K. get from the single market

  12. Is there a way to force the government to act on the peoples' behalf in a timely fashion? The people voted to leave the European Union. That's not a difficult thing to understand. Open border migration policy (designed to placate those disgruntled by the number of non-white natives in Britain) was and is an irresponsible, mindless lunacy; an act of sadism perpetrated by the hand picked psychopaths who masqueraded as politicians over the past few decades. It is the main reason for the decision to leave the EU. Can you believe that in modern times a government signed away the sovereignty of its own country and opened its to doors to hordes of (MILLIONS OF) cheap to hire opportunists who make less money than it costs the natives to maintain them? Do we even know how many arrived? BTW some people cannot identify "EU Migrants" by sight alone. There could be 20 million EU freeloaders who moved to the UK in the past 15 years, and if there are – you can be sure the government will report only a fraction of the true number. Worst than this they (politicians) are creating bogus scenarios to prolong the misery in the hopes of overturning the decision of the people. In that time of upheaval – single individuals or tiny groups – have made obscene fortunes without a care in the world about the plight of the British people, and they have used the government and the media in an attempt to control opposition to their crimes.

    What can be done to force the government to drop all plans to negotiate or extend periods of inaction and actually do what the native population wants?

  13. The UK needs is a free trade deal with the EU. All other options only obfuscate this. I'm not really sure what I'm missing with leaving but as a net contributor to the EU project, the UK will be missed by Brussels as much as Brussels will be missed by the remain lobby here. I voted remain, but now, if a new vote came, I would vote to leave, and feel we must not be tied in and unable to make trade deals outside a customs union. It will, as a consequence, necessarily be a hard brexit, so we really need to concentrate on ensuring a free trade deal to satisfy the multinational companies with production spread over European borders. It is necessary to note we are not leaving Europe, geographically we will always be part of Europe but not part of a European super state experiment, which is of course doomed to failure.

    As a final note, it has become abundantly clear that the vote to leave was made against a backdrop of misinformation from self interest promoting parties. The longer we have travelled through this process however, the clearer a need to leave the EU has become. Just get on with it!

  14. The problem that I see with all this Brexit talk is that people consider it a game of politicians, rather than something that concerns personally the people. This deal will affect millions and millions. And we should not talk about it as it is a win or a loss for Theresa May. It is a win or a loss for millions.

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