EU rejects UK’s Brexit plan after summit

A summit that started with warm mood music ended up with Theresa May and Britain out in the cold. EU leaders didn’t budge an inch and Mrs May is headed home clutching a Chequers plan in tatters, already savaged by her MP’s – and now rejected by Europe. All hope now rests on reaching a deal by the next summit in October.

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23 thoughts on “EU rejects UK’s Brexit plan after summit

  1. EU is incomplete without the UK.
    A United Europe is good for the Europeans.
    Earlier, the Europeans used to fight against each other. Today, they're united and this unity must persist.
    There must be another referendum to decide unanimously on whether the BREXIT is applicable right now, taking into consideration the public opinion after the previous referendum which the undecided voters feel is affecting the British economy.

    Vive La EU!!

  2. In a way I want brexit to fail. I think brexit will hurt Britain, both economically & politically. Brexit is a failed experiment & Westminster refuses to see this. Westminster can’t admit they have made a mistake or can’t admit to being wrong. As a citizen living in Scotland, I don’t want a government that can’t admit to being wrong.
    I thought this was GREAT Britain, not “Perfect Britain”.

    You are Great when you part of a winning team, when you have the guts to admit you have made a mistake. WAKE UP GREAT BRITAIN!

  3. I think the British need the shock caused by the Brexit to see that they aren’t the center of the world anymore and really should start to look at the continental europe as something at least equal.

  4. Remainers, if accepting Brexit, should have a say in the negatiaions. May should seek out all parties. Also her party is devided. Either way, she might lose the PM position, if the remainers in her party are dissapointed.

  5. If Orban is your key ally you should realise that you took a wrong direction somewhere. Orban wants to destroy the European UNion. It is as easy as that.

  6. It is clear that the negotiations are not fully open, because with certain benefits there are certein rules attached to it. I always thought a conservative understands that. If the UK wants a single market, it just needs to stay in it. You want control of your boarders, go out of the single market. Both is not possible.

    A no deal is far more harmfull to the UK than it is to the EU. Every single country has a lower trading ratio with the UK than the UK with all the others comined. It is simple math. Don't kid yourself.

  7. WHAT BREXIT CRISIS? May issues PATRIOTIC rallying cry and CONDEMNS EU – 'We will SUCCEED!' It's not our PATRIOTIC feelings that bothers me it's her's .

  8. Soft Brexit is the solution now if the Chequer's Deal (the most stupid and greedy political proposal in modern UK history) is out the window. I don't think Goliath(EU) will lose this one.

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