Inside Syria: How Hezbollah changed the war | Channel 4 News

One of the most powerful forces in the Middle East – set up to oppose Israel and designated a terrorist group by the US and EU. But over the last year, Lebanon’s Shi-ite Hezbollah militia – heavily backed by Iran – has begun to change the military balance in the SYRIAN civil war in favour of the Assad regime.

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21 thoughts on “Inside Syria: How Hezbollah changed the war | Channel 4 News

  1. Channel 4 is literally trying to protect Al Qaeda, they even said several times that's who Hezbollah is fighting. But I guess they need to label them as the bad guys as israel doesn't like them.

  2. I was in Dahieh 2 years ago. Friendly place with nice people. Felt more safe there than in many European cities. Ps I'm a Christian from Scandinavia .

  3. Thanks to Israel and its aggression into Lebanon, Hezbollah was born. Little did the Zionists know that they had awoken the Lebanese Shia giant. Currently, Israel is accomplishing the same in Syria with the continued theft of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Another organization that the Zionists created is Hamas. Israel has only one real and formidable enemy, and its the Zionists. It will run its course and implode. Shalom.

  4. Channel 4 reporter ! They are foreign terrorists , not 'rebels' !!! What are they rebelling about in other peoples country's ????? Would they call them 'rebels' in any western nation????

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