Nicola Sturgeon on a second referendum for Brexit and Scottish independence

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon talks to Jon Snow about what Brexit could mean for Scottish independence. She also discusses Alex Salmond, Scotland’s drug problems – and the odds of a coalition with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.

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25 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon on a second referendum for Brexit and Scottish independence

  1. 62% of Scottish voters said they want to stay in the EU. It would be undemocratic if she just ignored that figure and bent over in submission for the Mogg-Boris brigade. She should be allowed to do her job without continuous ignorant remarks from the right.

  2. England really screwed Scotland over. They tell them to stay in the UK for, among other reasons, because if they left the UK then they would be leaving the EU, and then two years later England votes to leave the EU and force Scotland with them.

  3. As usual, lots of non Scots obsessing about trying to oppose Scottish democratic equality while pretending they are not interested.
    Lots of unionist Scots who believe they are subsidised with English money and desperate to prevent the SNP from making them stand on their own feet AND UNBELIEVABLY English commenters who bizarrely like them better than SNP voters.

    None of that makes sense. It seems to me that the only decent Scots are the ones who want to stand on their own feet as equals.
    The only decent English are the ones who are prepared to accept the Scots as equals.

  4. Perhaps you are not aware that Britain's , sorry England's banking business and finance sector in the City of London , not Glasgow , or Edinburgh or Belfast , but London makes the UK one of the richest countries in the world by offloading trillions into English held Crown territories around the world .e.g. Cayman Islands , Bermuda .,Jersey etc which due to the functioning of the City Corporation and quasi autonomy of the Crown territories cannot be regulated n the normal way . The sector has been doing this since WW2 ! The City of London elects it's own mayor , has its own police force ( not effected by any cuts !) and its own militia and enjoys negligible Government interference .
    Should Scotland or Wales leave the Union , both these countries will end up like Greece and the other 18 smaller and poorer nations that are the equivalent of the UK , or do you expect hand outs from the City of London financiers ? The EU doesn't want Scotland or NI much less Wales as individual member states as they know these UK members have no intrinsic wealth . Perhaps now you understand why the FMs flirtation with the EU after the Referendum was short lived . When they state that they want the UK to remain part of the club , they actually mean England and the City of London Corporation . It's all about the money ! The pressure on May to broker a deal that keeps us tied to the EU is coming from the minority that is City of London Corporation . This is why it is so important to reject this minority rule and forge ahead and make it absolutely clear that the UK is the UK , the people are the nation , not the minority of wealthy elites which control the Government and Tory party in General .
    Harold Wilson was forced to stand down as PM to avoid a coup by the Establishment , codenamed Clockwork Orange and he was to be replaced by Lord Mountbatten until the vast majority of UK citizens were " brought back into line" . If you believe that the power resides in the City of Westminster , think again . It resides in the City of London and the vast majority of politicians want a slice of this rather large deep frozen Mars Bar and it's pretty clear that Nicola Sturgeon is one of them .
    The last hope for Scotland was John Smith who sadly died before he could become PM . A real decent and honest man who was not afraid of the Establishment that disposed of his former leader .

  5. She's the most devisive and hate filled and not based on facts at all politician of my lifetime. She just doesn't accept the results and wants to keep on going until she gets her way. A new referendum would be hate filled and not based on facts at all as Lord William Hague former leader of the conservative party said.

  6. Nicola answer this question, 52.7% of the Scottish people voted for independence in 2014 for it to be swung by foreigners resident at the time given the vote on a national decision! WHY?!

    Independence referendum figures revealed: Majority of Scots born here voted YES while voters from elsewhere in UK(EU citizens aswell) said NO
    Majority of Scottish born voters said ‘yes’ Findings from Scottish Referendum Survey show Scotland stayed in Union because of views of those born in other parts of Britain and further afield

    The majority of Scottish people voted for independence and it was denied by foreigners given the vote on a national decision! Only 47% of Scots voted No to independence.

    Being in a EU dictate is not independence either! A pretentious national party who ignored their own people(nationals) in lieu of foreigners, a national party pushing for a union, let that sink in!

  7. I am Scottish and I can't stand this woman she is a dictator she is only in power because of the green party a piece of I hate the braveheart mentality..she wants to break up the UK to "drag Scotland back into the EU which most SCOTS do not want unless you are a recent MIGRANT who will vote for her because she will flood Scotland with migrants…Scotland is a Labour stronghold BUT look who is running Labour…Corbyn.. second in command..Diane abbot ..who In their right mind would vote for Corbyn…bear in mind sturgeon is ONLY in power because of the green party…

  8. Cranky keeps saying Scotland voted to stay in EU and want but want Independence ? they did not. As usual – Scots want this ,Irish want this .Wales want this – as an English man I'd like to say we want Independence – -oh sorry that would be racist – – having our own English assembly LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE WOULD BE A GOOD START !

  9. Time for BRITAIN 🇬🇧 to expel the sweaty Sox . Scotland is like Northern Ireland they always stab England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 in the back .
    Time for the deadwood who contribute 💩 to BRITAIN 🇬🇧 to go .
    Time to form the Anglo – cymru 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 nation of BRITAIN 🇬🇧

  10. She's right. First you need to know what the UK-EU partnership will look like. Many Scots did not want to leave the UK because they did not want to leave the EU. If the UK stays in the single market until after Brexit for goog. This sentiment might continue. If there is a hard BRexit or a No-Deal-Scenario that will not be fully solved in the foreseeable future, Scotish independence and application for EU memberchip would be easier and better for Scotland than staying in the UK with a turbulent relationship with the EU.

    What is he talking about? Apologizing to mothers and fathers? Did she sell the drugs, or have I missed something here?

    That is the point of Scotish independence, to have full control in such issueas and not rely on a government that historically often has different views about a lot of things.

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