Open Brexit warfare as Boris Johnson takes on May at Conference

Theresa May says she wasn’t watching Boris Johnson’s speech. But hundreds of activists were.

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Some 1,500 people crowded into a hall at the Conservative conference fringe to hear the former foreign secretary denounce Mrs May’s Chequers plan as “an outrage”, with loud applause from the audience as he declared: “If we bottle Brexit now, the people of this country will find it hard to forgive.”

A warning: there is flash photography in this report.


47 thoughts on “Open Brexit warfare as Boris Johnson takes on May at Conference

  1. 'If our cars get more expensive to import, we will lay workers off' Yeah, don't even bother considering restructuring or negotiating better tariffs initially or taking personal pay cuts, it's straight to using the workforce as a threat-filled bargaining chip… I'm sure Labour would have something to say about that!

  2. There shitting themselves cause Europe wants to bring in anti money laundering laws, all their offshore accounts will be exposed and the corruption of the market is laid bare

  3. Was really hoping Boris would stir up a hornets nest at the party conference but unfortunately it seems to have died a death. The amount of public support for brexit is unbelievable but all the Brexiters seem reluctant to step up to the mark. May needs to be put in her place or the Tories will loose the next Election 100%.

  4. We can leave the EU if Nothern Ireland leaves the UK! Boris – I agree! And then we can declare war and destroy the aggressive EU industry in our country. But first, the oligarchs Russians have to leave the UK – because of the radioactivity danger for our British people and children – no one can protect us!

  5. The EU is a sinking ship. Don't blame the countries who are moving towards the exit, blame the fucking lunatics like Merkel and their social engineering experiment. A measure of how far out there these "leaders" are is their belief that they could open Europe to the third world and expect no repercussions.

  6. Brexit, so when is it actually going to happen, and will it signal innovation and change in this country or mere return to nothingness? The problem is, none of these leaders have a future they desire for the internal landscape of the state, beyond no longer being an EU member.

    Of course the deal can be renegotiated, depending on how you negotiate, that is what you call a contract that you adhere to for the time length of the contract; and make the changes you think are necessary after the contract is void, after all the contract we want with the EU is so our state can be reflexive. As such, our membership should be against time lengths and renegotiation….Not that hard is it!

    Boris talks in absolute terms, that one deal now can suite the needs of the country or the EU forever…but no deal tends to work that way, especially as complex as it is with the EU, as it effects several layers of our system…Johnson leads a charge, that others had fled from, but who does he have around him, a lot of people who do not reflect innovation, and iterative change, something the state severely needs.

    I think if Brexit doesn’t involve internal business creation, and technological innovation, it will be a waste of time…beyond clawing back the ability to destroy the country. Brexit, has huge potential, so one should not be scared, but I think too many old school politicians will trap the country in antiquity. The money paid to the EU found change the state of the country in significantly in 10 years if we stop throwing the money away on fraudulent internal underhanded business deals, and have people bid for tasks the government needs doing. In 10 years the electrified public transport the functions on time would be done, schools would all have Moodle systems and smart techno,ogives with voting systems, new jobs would be created, and more

  7. Vauxhall UK boss mutterings

    I am trying reconcile the mutters/treats about Vauxhall possibly re-locating to a EU country in the event of a no deal Brexit..

    despite that fact that the UK remains the brand’s biggest market.

    interestingly enough as recently as early June, Vauxhall launched a new “Made in Britain” ad campaign
    Named ‘True Brit’, the campaign makes reference to the home of the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer, Ellesmere Port, which has been making successive versions of the British built car for over 40 years.

    The new campaign is part of Vauxhall’s new positioning strategy.

    The manufacturer says it celebrates the Astra, its British roots and the vehicle’s award-winning credentials.

    this doesn't look like a car manufacturer about to bolt..

  8. so from, what I can tale from this video is that if we leave with no deal then we would have increased prices for EU car companies… and therefore we will have UK companies selling cars at a better price?!?!?!? Win-Win for the UK I think

  9. Why all the BS WAFFLE on a 'plan' that was dead before it was written!
    A 'plan' that has NO support from the EU, NO majority support from the UK Parliament & NO majority support from the electorate.

  10. Boris should join ukip with all the other good tories and topple this establishment internally and form a government with ukip which should have been done all along. Batten is the man.

  11. if VW and the other take there 6000 jobs out of the UK we put bigger tariffs of these company's cars we should be doing this with more companies if you don't make jobs in the UK you pay more if you do make jobs you pay less we are paying to much for food etc this is everyday stuff we need the EU has put tariffs on these long before Brexit was even spoken about when and if we leave these costs should come down. if they don't want our 40 billion their plenty of good things that money can be used to do.
    MSM and the left are out of touch with the people the right is going the same way with this messing about labor will keep us in if they come in was a supporter before this joke of a leader but I am disgusted with them now there party conference was a pro Hamas and anti Israel as you can get he loves talking to terrorist corbon to get my vote they need to get him out and change the way the party went over the last 10 year there far from the lower and working class we would end up like Cuba or Venezuela if he had his way he hates the white working class and C4 is as big a joke for MSM every terror attack they refuse to say the word Islamist they claim Islam is nothing to do with it.
    but the terrorists say they're doing it for islam.the groomer they attack the victims and won't point out why this group has a very big problem abusing white and every other religions child, not all Muslims do this we know this but its 90% of Pakistani Muslims that are convicted for it we should not bring everyone from Hindus to the other that came and not done this kind of crimes.
    the only way to fix these problems is to start speaking about it.your not doing that by calling everyone racist and far right, in fact, these words mean very little now thanks to the liberals BLM MSM and not to forget feminists.

  12. Yes exactly imperative trading for some.Or will it be Ill treated animals it's everything that's gone on in the past 5 years at least is imperative and needs to be agreed with which was major headlines or part of massive disputes in the headlines.

  13. everybody wants the highly skilled- H1B for America,Germany ,Great Britain, Turkey, and so on. But who is picking the asparagus out of the ground, helping in kitchen, delivering goods, serving in a bar….. and so on…. Highly skilled people are very much wanted everywhere, even in the country of their origin.

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