Raab and Barnier hold Brexit talks to resolve ‘big issues’

As the Prime Minister prepares for a crucial EU summit in Brussels on Wednesday her Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has dashed across the water to meet the EU’s Chief negotiator Michel Barnier. But back here Mr Raab’s predecessor David Davis, has called for a mutiny against Theresa May’s plans for leaving.

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23 thoughts on “Raab and Barnier hold Brexit talks to resolve ‘big issues’

  1. What leverage is the UK talking about? Is it banking and insurance services? But bankers will go where the money is so it not likely they have to stay in the UK. As an outsider it sounds like banks are prepared to move to make their firm as strong as possible

  2. You have to love the ignorance, “we have a lot of power, we are a country of pride” then the leaver thinks they’ll get more time? It’s not happening lads, in or out! Now the border, you can’t do anything technologically on the border and you can definitely not put boots on the ground! Use a few brain cells, stop making pro british choices that we’re not gonna accept!

  3. We have to sort Irelands boarder and the EU will not shift on it… Well what happened to France and Brazil boarder? There is ARE NO CHECKS…. PM May needs to put out a press conference saying we have come to a stale mate with the EU and to all the car makers in Germany and the FRENCH GROWERS AND WINE MAKERS your products will be affected on trade because the EU thinks Ireland boarder is an issue for the EU but yet France thinks that this same rule does not apply to its self with Brazil… Lets see how the French minister passes that argument to its businesses… The UK is being forced into a hard brexit by the french

  4. It's fascinating to see that the UK thinks they can do better trades outside of the EU. They don't seem to realize that they can't set sail and go somewhere else with their island. The UK will be always next to the EU no matter what. And a lot of trade will have to be with the EU just for geographic reasons alone.

  5. Just let the north go and move on and let the people on this island live in peace,don't know why six counties is so important to them in the first place when they can give the likes of Hong Kong back

  6. "Using technology" Is this the same technology that climate deniers claim will solve the climate change problem? I'm guessing so as you provide just as much info as them on how feasible this technology is just "I think/want to believe it will work". Seriously channel 4 don't allow this guy back on the program until he presents his "technology" and having it peer reviewed by independent experts who can confirm the feasibility of this bullshit.

  7. The Conservative Party claims to be the party of economic competence, in much the same way that thousands of takeaways call themselves "Best Kebab". Regardless of the greasy sound bites, their approach has catastrophically failed on its own terms. We were told cutting public services was necessary to reduce the national debt. While austerity policies have devastated communities across the country, the national debt has doubled – from £849 billion in 2010 to £1,722 Billion in April of 2017. The UK is now the worst performing advanced economy in the world, with only Greece suffering bigger falls in real wages, leaving all of us earning less money, and with fewer job prospects and a worse quality of life. The Conservatives' answer? More austerity. Not everyone is complaining: in March of 2017, Chancellor Phillip Hammond made further cuts to corporation tax, giving big business another £18 billion of our money.

  8. That Greg Hands is clueless.
    Having border checks for a low volume of traffic at a few ports is a lot easier than for a lot of traffic across 499 km/310 mi with 200 border crossings.
    Both would be a problem because they might invite para-militarist violence.

  9. so, say there is no deal, as seems most likey .. how does that work when they have already agreed to a backstop where no border to NI? looking for people who actually know the answer here peeps…thanks

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