A United Ireland? Some Northern Ireland Unionist figures ‘ready to talk’ unification

The thorny question of the Irish border after Brexit was on the agenda when the Prime Minister met the Irish Taoiseach at a summit today. Mr Varadkar warned that a possible Brexit deal could collapse if Britain doesn’t say how it plans to keep the border open. And if a collapse led to a hard Brexit, could the outcome for Ireland be even more unexpected?

Channel 4 News has learned that some respected figures from the liberal wing of unionism are now ready to talk with the government in Dublin about Irish unity – and even a border poll.

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33 thoughts on “A United Ireland? Some Northern Ireland Unionist figures ‘ready to talk’ unification

  1. Its beyond the comprehension of the Loyalist, Orange Ludge, Proddy fanatics to understand that the world hates them as much as the IRA terrorists.
    Personally, I cannot stand the sound of a Proddy Northern Irish accent. Criminals all.

  2. I'm a southern Catholic from Dublin. My opinion is we still have a lot to learn from history and be careful not to marginalize the Protestants as was done to the Catholics when the border was drawn up in the first place.
    I would be willing to support their culture and religious beliefs and help to develop a stronger economy, less dependent on the state.
    It would have to be a slow change and it would be long bumpy road ahead but ultimately worth it.

  3. Imagine that as a result of Brexit the rich Remain voting London and environs decided to secede from the UK to stay part of Europe. This is because the population is largely non-English heritage and they feel their interests are better served in an open borders EU and think the provincial English are naturally antagonistic to them. The Brexit voting Londoners are left on the wrong side of the new border (somewhere in Hertfordshire) and are not at all happy. Is this scenario reminding you of anything?

  4. Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain in Europe did they not? Gibraltar 98% overwhelmingly also did so but those democratic results being ignored by the "We got our country back Brexiteers" proves beyond reasonable doubt that the "United Kingdom" is at an end…a footnote of history, marking a time of ignorance. the future is One World…One People… All related and thousands of years older than any religion. we should be uniting against religion, Climate change and Polution.

  5. The English dont give a toss about northern Ireland…the Irish have a connection to the people of northern Ireland..because its Ireland, that was illegally separated in 1921 by a Tory government that had no legal mandate to separate are country. Collins/develera could never have imagined it would last 96 years..they saw it as a stepping stone to Irish freedom. If the northern Ireland people reunited with the south..i have enough faith in my fellow Irish people that we would embrace the unionist people with open arms and forget about are horrible past..its green white and orange for a reason people….!!! all traditions would have to be respected in the new unified Ireland.. Unionist people have to be convinced their future is better served being part of Ireland then the UK thats the task in hand… we need to stop this identity politics. Anyone that truly wants a united ireland has to accept that one million people on this land sees themselves as British. You can be British in a united Ireland just like nationalist people now are Irish.

  6. I'm Irish And I Say Let the People
    Of Northern Ireland
    Decide What is best for them .
    A United Ireland .
    Stay in the United kingdom .
    Become apart of an independent Scotland .
    Or Even Complete independence ????
    Plenty of options at least .
    Besides We Are Thee Celti
    Hibernians Of Old .
    A Chosen People Of GOD .
    Love Thy Neighbour .
    Not Catholics or protestants .
    Love And Kind Regards from Limerick 🍀

  7. If they do, I Don't think it would be a majority vote. Although the unionists may be prepared for unity with old 15th/16th century law as they/The DUP are continually saying they are from the UK and not Ireland.

  8. Tiocfaidh ár lá. A united Irish Republic is inevitable. How it happens is the question. If the 21st century could start with Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley learning to work together, just think what people who have learned to live in peace can do going forward? Especially if a hard Brexit makes the Irish economy the better of the two.

  9. Many of the greatest heroic Irishmen were protestant. The sick sectarian substate of Northern Ireland must be brought to a peaceful end and its population reunited with the modern non-sectarian State down the road, of which a protestant was the first president. Only a true republic, where religion and politics are constitutionally and legally separated can guarantee tolerance, freedom of conscience and bring healing and prosperity to our people. Remembering the Presbyterian Republicans of 1798 cruelly butchered by the colonial english masters. Lest we forget!

  10. Some things that are forgotten. NI is strategically important to U.K. Without it U.K. territorial waters are diminished and if Scotland were to go also then they would become virtually non-existent, and that is not even thinking of Wales or even “Cornish independence”. Will the U.K. government be happy to see it’s waters diminished effectively being surrounded by EU waters.

    Also as far as unionist terrorism is concerned, Republican terrorism was funded in a major fashion by funds from overseas which stopped after 9/11 when the Americans took terrorism and the funding of it seriously. Not sure any resurgence would likely be on the same scale, as I can’t see the collection boxes being filled in English pubs (what few remain) for the Unionist cause.

    The Republic is not the same place it was 20-30 years ago.

  11. N Ireland could go independent from Britain and stay in the EU. So it's neither part of the Republic or the UK – but a member state of the EU. Or, alternatively, the 3 counties with a majority of protestants, could become a devolved region within the Republic. Like Scotland is a devolved region within the UK.

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