Alan Dershowitz: ‘A sitting President cannot be charged with a crime’

Harvard Law School’s Emeritus Professor Alan Dershowitz discusses President Trump.

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44 thoughts on “Alan Dershowitz: ‘A sitting President cannot be charged with a crime’

  1. Derschewitz is lost for words when Finklsteine so accurately and with such precision check mates him over his outright dishonesty,lack of knowledge and double crossing him for his own advancement. It's absolutely clear how he turns words and legal terms around to make his argument plausible and totally evade the question of misdemeanor,defamation or conflict of interest etc when discussing Trump and the constitution. The word 'probity' does not have a place in this man's practice or knowledge of law.

  2. Once it went out live, what was the point in not showing the whole interview here? Everybody knows the Corbyn Haters are unhinged Zionist Dickheads. This play is blowing up in their faces and trying to spin it at this late stage is pointless. Don't forget: International Weep for Israel Day falls on September 6 this year. Remember to stay hydrated. Don't want to wind up in the ER like Jonathan Freedland did last year.

  3. Cohen borrowed against his own house to pay Stormy Daniels. The money didn't come from Trump at the time of the payment. Therefore it was a campaign violation. . Trump was on tape telling him to do it in cash, and thus conspiring for Cohen commit a crime. If any candidate can retroactively pay their donors after they get elected to retroactively convert illegal contributions to loans, then everybody can contribute any amount to campaigns and these laws would be meaningless.

  4. If you took the money, you took the deal!!! Sick and tired of hearing about these prostitutes reneging on the contract and that is exactly what it was; a mutually agreed contract! Would've been so much more impressive if they'd refused to take the money and taken a stand! Now that they've gone back on the agreement, have any of them offered to return their payment?! No! Sorry, but by any code of ethics, that just doesn't quite wash!!!

  5. 1. Did Trump direct someone to commit a crime before he became president? We need to investigate that. 2. Trump Organization is a different legal entity than Trump himself.

  6. Why are people so enthusiastic about Alan D assessment?

    Should we even be happy that Trump is above the law?

    It’s not a law, it’s simply a policy. He can be indicted.

    Better yet. Impeachment and then indictment.

    Alan D is a pathetic man trying to defend trump

  7. Dershowitz is pathetic. He’s on Fox News on a daily basis, changing his tune from “there’s no evidence” to “ok there’s evidence but it’s not a crime” to “ok it’s a crime but Hillary did it too”.
    He’s so far up trump’s rump that he can tickle his tonsils.

  8. Just another "washed up", "over the hill", Geritol taking old geezer, trying to stay relevant, just like the rest of his fellow cronies, and "grumpy old men", "tootie fruitie" Rudy Giuliani, and Bernie "colonel" Sanders!!

  9. I watched the original too and it was an excellent interview. Great shame on C4 for the edits which sadly goes to support the fake news stories. What are we to trust anymore and C4 has generally not being biased, but clearly and sadly this may no longer be the case. Pity! Anthony Thomas

  10. Shame on you Channel 4 – editing the nasty bits out of this interview with this t*at. Talk about 'collusion' – he's an American right-winger talking about Trump and his election tampering team who suddenly launches into a vicious and slanderous attack against the leader of Her Majesty's Opposition – it stinks

  11. 'He cant be charged while hes a sitting president; only after'
    So American presidents have what the romans called 'imperium'? Immune to the law while in office? Like Caesar?

  12. Ohhh. No wonder Europeans are so misinformed and concerned about U.S. politics…. they’re completely misinformed!!
    Here is one of the top news outlets completely cutting out parts of the interview to reinforce their point. Good luck y’all. I hope you don’t worry to much about US politics if your believing such major outlets as fact

  13. Alan Dershowitz said : ( 'A sitting President cannot be charged with a crime) : That make the President above the law and everything with the power of a God ; i will never believe reasonable people will accept that as an indisputable fact just because something could be read to have this meaning into the constitution of the U.S.;. If that ever happen to be thru i hope the majority will see the light and rise to make the change that need to be done

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