Brexit clashes on day one of Tory Party conference

It’s only the first day but already Theresa May and Boris Johnson are fighting over Brexit at the Conservative Party conference.

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This morning the Prime Minister insisted she would make a success of it, whatever the outcome of the talks – urging fellow Conservatives to “come together” and support her. But Boris Johnson has already described her Chequers plan as “deranged” – floating his own set of policy ideas for the post. We bring you the latest from Birmingham and speak to former Home Secretary Amber Rudd.


44 thoughts on “Brexit clashes on day one of Tory Party conference

  1. Britain still wish to go for Brexit? Good.

    Go hold hands with Vladimir Putin. Russia would be the next alternative to EU. Or go alone. Britain is no longer a Superpower as she did in 19th century. The EU don't have to play by Britain's book.

    Now Brexiteers and those who vote leave could "take back control" and enjoy whatever freedom they still have, before the reality shock them.

    Thank you.

  2. All the evidence points to the fact that the Conservative party is NOT a political party. It is a cabal of white collar criminals who have formed a self interest group to steal as much public money as they can get away with. The rest is pantomime!

  3. T May and her cabinet together with factions namely Merkel and her faceless backers are responsible for trying to stop Brexit. Unless you have been on a different planet our politicians know the EU is an undemocratic union as witnessed with Ireland, France and Holland, it has also ignored the billions lost in fraud from day one, it has also recruited ex politicians who were against the EU. For any British politician to overlook, ignore or cover up these two issues and still advocate staying in the EU is an act of treason. If you join crooks your one yourself.

  4. Pompous Egomaniac’s! !Time for The people to do something and stop the blatant Elitist Conservative Establishment censorship of right wing speech on social media they are are no longer fit for purpose.. Social Media is the town square of our age, free speech should apply across all social media platforms, and not just for left wing 'tow the party line' speech.? If you silence people like this in the guise of political correctness it's not England any-more? NEVER VOTING CONSERVATIVE EVER AGAIN.

    WILL ,,, TAKE IT




  6. No government has the right to give our sovereignty government can give our fishing waters away legally it doesn’t belong to political parties it belongs to the people of the United Kingdom

  7. Give them the hardest possible Brexit! They were, are and will be unwilling to listen, so make them feel the consequences of acting like an entitled 12 year old brad…

  8. UNITY? Now? Ridiculous! Dangerous and out of touch woman! Sorry for the guy who got his beans spilled- that was very sad. The old gentleman who helped the boy should give us food for thought. Btw, there was no one at the theatre to listen this nonsense;)

  9. This idiot for channel 4 is a complete clown , the whole country would go for chequers , more spin and bias from channel 4 , one little rat sat on is little seat who thinks he knows how we think , well why not look at the brexit vote , because that was the biggest Democratic exercise in our times and he the little twerp thinks we would vote for this awefull deal , we want to leave , we want out , richer or for poorer , I dont care . #brexitmeansexit

  10. this is the way they will play it. Knowing Brexit will be a disaster, the government will stay in the E.U, claiming it is the E.U who stopped them…That way everything will go on like before, but now they got the E.u as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in the U.K.

  11. I've seen less empty seats at Leyton Orient than at this tory party conference. What a sad, pathetic political party; self-imploding and clueless, as our departure from the EU draws ever closer.

  12. So that woman just assaulted that man and then that older gentleman just struggled to bend down to retrieve a chuck chequers button.
    This is both ridiculous and sad.

  13. She needs to stop wearing the red suit. She may of read somewhere that red is a "power colour", but it doesn't work when everybody already knows you're powerless before even seeing you. Also, Jeremy H(C)unt has no sense of irony and should be fired immediately. Such a useless cipher. Finally; I saw a lot of empty seats at this conference… SAD.

  14. And when you think that it cannot be any worst than Boris, here comes this Hunt guy…. Jeez my Brit friends, get a grip. Noone pushes you out, nor holds you captives. It's your choice. Or is it not?

  15. The EU were never going to accept Mays little plan….That much is obvious. Ask for more than you need by all means but really, why waste time..?….2 years planning for a remain deal instead of planning a LEAVE deal from the outset.
    What a waste of time and resources..

  16. u.k pure peasentry i.e prisons police education immigration low wages for workers high wages for the maygime yes men big big government the trouble with the maygime they have a problem with reality and truth . time for it to be turned around time for the 100k a year earners to pay there way proper for once in its entire history. vote labour period

  17. May a clown and a traitor not to mention an absolute national and international embarrassment, the most incompetent PM in British history and she needs to Go and Go NOW

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