Donald Trump under-fire over Putin summit performance

Within the last few minutes Donald Trump has rowed back on his failure to back his own intelligence agencies’ evaluations of Russia meddling in his election in 2016. Yesterday he said he believed President Putin’s denials of involvement at their Helsinki summit. Tonight he said “I accept” US intelligence agencies’ conclusions on Russian meddling. What do Trump voters make of his controversial visit to Europe last week and his summit with Vladimir Putin yesterday. We are in Michigan, a state that swung away from the Democrats and helped deliver a Trump Presidency.


40 thoughts on “Donald Trump under-fire over Putin summit performance

  1. The reason they're so worried about a relationship between Russia and America is because Putin can uncover the crimes of our previous leaders! Therefore they're giving it their all time best effort to try and undermined our country and our president we the people love our president and we stand by him we thank God for our President we pray that God Almighty will bless him everyday in every way in Jesus name we pray amen and Hallelujah

  2. The color cord of America.
    America was built on the color game. Everything about this country the whites, (Yes whites used to kill for there own survival)
    WE live under white law . all the laws have been written by whites but don't apply to whites. If this country is the melting pot, why do we use race to ID each other. mmmm.
    I need help with this America.

  3. By the way keep voting Republican Michigan I think you need more lead in the water so you can start believing this nonsense your people are talking about literally crippling you mentally the only thing that would make Trump get rehired in a new presidential race is legalizing marijuana wasn't he against it but now his for it and if he starts a war and a lot of people are unemployed they just aren't showing up on the registry because they are no longer qualified to receive unemployment so that takes them off of it even if they're not working get your facts right people

  4. Those people sitting at the fence go to show you how ignorant Trump supporters are the one a couple of people are saying there is no conclusion and agreeing with the others that there wasn't also the woman saying Russia is second to us and nuclear arms no Russia has more nukes than the United States as far as Swamp People I don't even know if that guy even knows what he's talking about clearing the swamps was taking CEOs out of positions to make their oil companies more money but obviously Trump try to put in the CEO of Exxon Mobil what's instead of clearing the swamps means put the biggest swamp monster you can in

  5. These people are terrifying in there slavish devotion to Trump. This seems to me to be more like a cult. There hatred of Washington, blinds them to any criticism. Who would of thought a mass outbreak of anarchism would occur amongst White Americans .

  6. All of Trumps supporters, have and epidemic, on not being able to tell the truth, and his minions, stay by the tv and rehearse the bullshit, that they hammer into themselves. They all look like puppets, and sounds like broker records,if you ask the one specific question, their answers are going to be predictable ,here how they answer, look at the number jobs market are booming. So say trump does the unthinkable,they forgive him even though they have all proof in front of ,for crying out loud Trump lies so much that people pretend that behavior is okay long they are getting what they. No accountability. Sad

  7. Why ask idiots dumb supporters like saying all america loves trump till corrected that your country is divided.
    Boy o boy if that's the average intelligence of America's citizens then I feel sorry for democracy as it's about to go.

    & for your information the media report the news it's just that trump lies lies lies lies lies than lies some more & you people shovel it up.

    The thing is if & when democracy is gone that's when the blind will see & say they wished they said something, they wish the did something.

    Trump is evil & using faith.
    God is more than a plot of land in Jerusalem don't sell your soul.

    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

  8. I am amazed at those people at the picnic table who actually walk around this ignorant. They should be seeing someone to wake them up….nobody should be that gullible in today’s world. A little critical thinking is all that’s needed to be able to comprehend reality. People should stop listening blindly and start thinking for themselves.

    The government hates independent thinkers…..because those folks actually see the wool being pulled over their eyes and no politician wants that.

  9. In Chile, the United States prevented Allende from winning an election in 1964. “A total of nearly four million dollars was spent on some fifteen covert action projects, ranging from organizing slum dwellers to passing funds to political parties,” detailed a Senate inquiry in the mid-1970s that started to expose the role of the CIA in overseas elections. When it couldn't defeat Allende at the ballot box in 1970, Washington decided to remove him anyway.
    Now that the US is on the receiving end it's fascinating to hear the squeals of outrage, to see the media hysteria regarding Russian interference while I see the Broward County supervisor is still not in jail and voter suppression is alive and kicking
    Any election in the US should have UN supervision.

  10. Yeah you love him disrespecting the flag huh let me tell you something if Donald Trump the president of the United States he's the father of us right you are mother and your father of your children would you put them underneath the gun no matter where you go I guarantee you you going to take your children Donald Trump is the father he supposed to protect United States never put us out of the gun we are his kids he didn't do his job you could luck everybody here and United States of America and you going to accept that whatever you tell yourself of course you want to take her phone because his wife but it's not a white thing it's the United States thing and when he became the father United States you supposed to protect your country like a parent protect a child and he did not do that you don't never put your child under the gun I don't care where you go he did exactly what he intended to do Donald Trump what about the two hours talk on the phone with one of the worst criminals on this planet yeah all except that. Don't you

  11. Why some people do not like the friendship between the two giants. What I understand is that these critiques must be having some hidden agenda against such friendship and cooperation which is in the interest of both the countries in particular and for the world Peace and prosperity in general.

  12. Trump's engaging in the use of people within his own government to use in a people trading 'deal' to solve a 'diplomatic' problem!! So glad that it was an unanimous response against in the senate!

  13. Everybody has a right to say and feel however they want about the leader of the country…..agreed Trump has jumped in and done a lot of things very quickly with regards to the country……but do you really want to hear the leader of the country lie day after day and know for a fact that he’s lying.
    When will you ask yourself how long will these jobs last behind unbelievable tariffs, and how long will the counties economy flourish, how many bad choices will soon affect me, and will we have any allies left when we need them,…..then see how long you may want to stay on the Trump Train.

  14. It is no small coincidence that the supporters of Trump and the supporters of Brexit rely on the same tropes do defend rationally indefensible positions. If you've been truly conned to vote against your interest, you will do and say anything that demonstrates the contrary. Usually what you say amounts to cyclic sound bites, it is very important to never breach new conversational territory. Always bring it back to your soundbites.

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