Gina Miller on a post-Brexit world, death threats and rethinking capitalism

Defender of the constitution to some, ‘enemy of the people’ to others, Gina Miller was the lead claimant in a successful legal battle ensuring parliament had the final say over triggering Article 50. She talks to Krishnan ahead of the release of her new book ‘Rise’ about why the British public need another vote on Brexit, the abuse she’s had to negotiate since that Supreme Court legal battle and why trickle-down economics isn’t working.

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49 thoughts on “Gina Miller on a post-Brexit world, death threats and rethinking capitalism

  1. You are right Gina !
    It is very important that we get a second vote on leaving the EU.
    There was to much miss information before and now even after the vote.
    No grown up conversation about it.
    Newspapers still wiping up everything what politicians say.
    Politicians fighting with each other either with in their own party
    or against the other party.
    When is this country growing up ?

  2. Gina is typically English. Always got something to whinge about, never happy. Gina should take a holiday, and then return when the UK has left the EU, and maybe she might feel a bit better about things, as its making her sound depressed.

  3. WOW, I’ve got no words really, what an amazing interview and wow, how eloquent this woman is! Thank You Gina Miller, keep doing the amazing work that you’re doing, you’ve got my support! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻

  4. Gina “who” Miller, the business woman, socialite appears to love the publicity, is there something wrong with her that she feels the need to be in the public eye, what are her motives, does she need help!

  5. SHe is an inspiration for every decent and intelligent person. The rest are listening to the monkies of the tories who are seeking a personal agenda of paying less taxes and making workers work more every week. We would be a lot worse off without the EU laws that the brits participated in creating and voting. Without EU we are going to be at the hands of the worse of this country. Remember that.!

  6. Don't You think We've had Enough of This Women's Opinion already!
    What is it with these broadcasters can't they find new material to talk about!
    I Just turn over the station now.

  7. The 'Exhaustion' she speaks off about when will Brexit be concluded, maybe is a result of herself getting involved. It should simply be we voted leave, are we getting a deal on this, that and the other… no? Ok, we'll go straight to WTO Rules. Instead, it's been delayed, hampered and interfered with to the point that it's made it look a complete shambles and she be disregarded. I personally want it all wrapped up, to leave The EU and get on with life.


  9. You do not speak up for us as you say ordinary people, you have never gone hungry, cold or worked from the age of ten to put food on your families table, you are part of an elite that makes us, THE ordinary people sick, it resounds with me that your dishonesty, your idea that only you can show respect, tolerance from a platform of great wealth is disturbing, ah we get to the point, the great British people are THICK,just come out and say what you really think.

  10. I’m was an old anglophile, no more. My romanticism is over, for good. After the Brexit vote all my illusions are gone. What I now see is a dysfunctional and deeply divided country. A lack of kindness and empathy. The architect of Grenfell Tower, the very old Constantine Gras, just recently said: Our inspiration came from Sweden. Their public housing inspired us. We tried to copy the idea. But we failed. In Sweden the state cared and maintained the buildings. We didn’t. We left them. There’s was a lack of kindness from our part…That was in the 60s.

    I like this woman. Seems kind. Most comments here are just doing harm. Obnoxious morons…

  11. Gina, you are great! When Labour failed you took action and did the job to took the case to court. And now you are the voice of reason. Keep on with your good work! You are my hope that despite this Brexit thing we´ll keep up our good relations with the UK.

  12. The Independent newspaper's 'Final Say' poll only managed to get 500,000 votes. This means less than 1.5% of the 33,551,983 people who took part in the referendum don't accept the result.

    It looks to me like these die-hard remainers are living in a dream world.

  13. Rip off in undermining a referendum vote perhaps too? The dark forces of C4 doing it's best to divide the nation along with the dark forces of Miller. I've got an idea, accept a democratic vote and get behind the govt to get a terrific deal. This is just turgid, third rate EU propaganda. Boring, irrational and mindless. Why do these undemocratic talking heads egotistically believe another referendum vote that they crave would go their way anyway and be for remain. My belief it would be a bigger margin for leave.

  14. Gina says the Britain she loves, the one that respects civic duty, respects freedom and rule of law is a Britain she feels we are now starting too loose! its been hijacked almost! She must be talking about this fundamentalist PC police state we have nowadays, persecuting Tommy Robinson and any other morally driven, free thinking advocate of justice willing too speak truth too tyrannical power!

  15. I love how all these silly brexiters are angry about British Judges saying the British Parliament needed to vote to trigger Article 50. You lot understand so little of how this country is governed.

  16. A voice of moderation and sense in a culture which is being defined by ideological fanatics peddling the delusion that a 19th century fantasy can become a 21st century reality. That 21st century reality will be legal and regulatory third country (Mauritania) status. But the clowns are too visceral and emotionally invested in their delusions to listen to common sense. The price will be excruciating.

  17. Ah,the mask of virtue.Might fool some,but not all.For any who cannot see through this woman,you have my sympathy.She is a manipulator & opportunist,same as her backer George Soros.How else do you think she became so wealthy?.

  18. It will be a sad day for Europe ,the day Britain leaves the EU . Britain ,one of the oldest democracies in history… Britain ,the jewel in the crown of the EU …… It will be a sad day in Europe and it would be a sad day in Britain . I hope for British public opinion to educate itself ,,,and to create an informed discussion regarding Brexit . Remember ,,, look before you leap ,,,,

  19. A woman who will stab you in the back then tell you she's doing it for your own good while you lay bleeding on the floor. A true sociopath who is fully funded by her globalist friend Mr Soros.

  20. We seem to be getting into a feminist debate once again…she didn't like Brexit for her own reasons – which is fine. What she fails to understand is that British born people voted in their numbers to leave the EU by democratic referendum. Almost all remainer's feel hurt on account they found themselves on the losing side. We all lose and win at some time in our lives. So, The UK can become one of the euro countries (inc ROI) that didn't like the referendum outcome and were forced to vote again until they fell in line with the EU on political integration. I suppose Great Britain now needs to decide as to whether we do the same and be a little tiny country like ROI who thinks they can prevent UK flights flying over their airspace…Am I really missing something here!!!! .

  21. For those that would like to enter the 21st Century, you realise one can become the citizen of country not born in. Gina Miller has been in the UK 43 years and was schooled in the UK. That entitles her to a view on UK law and customs.

  22. Poor girl, trying to teach suicide bombers the worth of life, evolution theory to creationists, telling flat earthers that earth is a sphere and brexitards that brexit wasn´t a good idea in the first place. Poor girl so helplessly lost.

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