Jameela Jamil on banning airbrushing, the Kardashians and her traumatic teens

Jameela Jamil does not want to be known as a ‘double agent of the patriarchy’. Star of Netflix’ The Good Place and former Radio 1 DJ, she is rallying against a culture of airbrushing, weight-loss and vanity. She chats to Krishnan about her latest ‘I Weigh’ campaign, being in Hollywood during the Me Too movement and why she thinks the Kardashians are a toxic influence on young girls.

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30 thoughts on “Jameela Jamil on banning airbrushing, the Kardashians and her traumatic teens

  1. It's impressive how the "double agent for the patriarchy" really exists a lot and we don't realize half of them. The name Jameela gave for this is just perfect. What a great interview and points of view.

  2. I really loved eeeeeeverything she said in this interview and how intelligent, intelectual she is.
    But, she is hitting every kind of beatuy standard. Does she know how hard the rest of the world has it by not being pretty by society’s standard. Human nature has always been attracted to pretty people, to healthy looks. And its nice that now its widely accessible, what we need is to know how to put a limit on it, fakeness should be called out.

  3. Jameela articulated her viewpoints with sincerity and passion, whilst Krishnan Gurumurthy listened and engaged with them, such that together in this interview they constructed a meaningful dialogue around gender, body-image, and social media. Well done.

  4. Is it just me or is the interviewer not that clued in about the subject and asks a few passive aggressive questions? Like along the lines of 'are you sure it was the culture that caused your eating disorder – or was it something inside you?'. I don't know, I'm sure I'm oversensitive, but it feels like he doesn't quite believe this is as big a problem as she is stating it to be.

  5. yes you want women to be like the orginal cave woman, she never put makeup, never cared to workout or take care of herself. To encourage women to tone down on their feminity is like telling women to be ugly.

  6. Wait, isn't he that interviewer that had that super awkward encounter with Robert Downey Jr. with the invading questions about his addictions/sobriety and RDJ walked out?

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