Tory rebels’ move to kill off May’s Brexit plan

Conservative pro-Brexit MPs claim they’ve got a plan to unlock one of the trickiest issues in the Brexit negotiations, avoiding a hard border between Northern …


50 thoughts on “Tory rebels’ move to kill off May’s Brexit plan

  1. Rees_Mogg and the ERG are lying to the Public. It's about time that the Media exposed their scam to make a huge personal fortunes out of Shorting the Economy by forcing a No Deal.

  2. She's 'safe' until 29th March 2019 – it would politically naive in the extreme of anyone to take on the job prior. Once out of the EU, subsequent government(s) for the next decade or so will of course default to blaming 'the bad deal' or the lack thereof for all the country's ills. Love him or loathe him, It's actually a political masterstroke by Boris who illustrates quite perfectly how easily people can be manipulated.

  3. My gut feeling is we're going to get screwed. I hate the way all power is centralised around London too. I mean the place doesn't resemble anywhere else in the UK and is a sort of binary stabbing gangland/cosmopolitan fantasy land. It is from one fantasy realm to another where our real world gets impacted for the worse.

  4. If it's a choice between protecting UK DEMOCRACY OR a few thousand jobs going in UK businesses, jobs artificially propped up by EU protectionist policy, DEMOCRACY must win or generations will pay a heavy price into the future for cowardice.

  5. So when I see they deserve a lot more than that I believe they should be taken over by other authorities from different areas of the continents that she from different areas of the planet because you cannot run a single country at all especially through a lawful introduction it's devastating indeed how they come across such in compliment words and assuming that they can get away with activating a green online situation when one person can provide massive amounts of information but they inflict that on that person making him go into a file in a disc rational person making me into a psychotic person so it would you have words about this because I think now your generation of population has become very criticizing Nizam or you were using non cease as your own backup generating a lot of in compliment words towards individual people for online based consoles

  6. Businesses that can't adapt aren't worth saving post Brexit. If their only business is trade with Europe, their CEOs should be replaced with those with a wider outlook. The European Union may have, once the UK has left, a population of some 435 million but Planet Earth has over ten billion, all of whom, need to trade.

  7. My second home, Norn Iron. Fellas, time to leave the crown… They''re not gonna let us have a bit o'craic over on the mexican side so easily…. come the brexit. Y'know what craic is to the people lads! Y'cant let that happen.

  8. It is really simple …out of customs union and out of single market ….wonder why the Ulster unionists wanted one (single) market and presumably one customs union in agricultural goods….too much milk/ Guinness/ pigs / cattle/cheese…around the dreary steeples of Fermanagh…all being hurried along by Michelle Gildernew….to vote Sinn Fein…oh dear what a mess…..Ulster will fight….and not vote for May….and they definitely won't vote for Christmas….and they might be right …after all they did not vote for Brexit.. and Jim is back in Corry.

  9. It might be biased , but they looked like a bunch of freaks walking down the road – the fact is that  preventing a deal  will simply hand the country to the far left who will add a calamity to the chaos of leaving without a deal . Even if Mogg and co had a plan they can't deliver it

  10. It's different than other European borders (as everybody in the world knows) and these people will realise this to their horror if they try to enforce it upon Irish people once again. It'll potentially precipitate an United Ireland and the eventual breakup of the United Kingdom

  11. 70% of RoI trade crosses the land-bridge between Holyhead and the Channel Ports.Since there can only be one type of Border between RoI (or, for that matter, the EU) and the UK, a failure to come to a deal bankrupts RoI, possibly unravelling the whole EU.The EU may not want a deal, but it absolutely, desperately needs one.

  12. Davis is really a blundering idiot – how can you want her to still be leading the government if you are against her only and main plan (Chequers)? She would be a lame duck if she were to ditch it.

  13. What kind of people live in North East Somerset to keep electing someone like Mogg? Mogg's already abandoned the UK – he's moved his company to Dublin. Ethics are always displaced by personal profit for these people.
    The Conservatives are looking to be the party of progress and I've heard they're looking to replace May with the Duke of Wellington.

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