Brexit-voting areas ‘will be hardest hit’ financially

They voted for Brexit, but may be hardest hit when we leave the EU.

New research claims that households in Brexit-voting areas will see the steepest fall in income and an increase in the cost of living.

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We went to the Shropshire town of Telford, identified as one of the areas which is most likely to lose out under Brexit.


50 thoughts on “Brexit-voting areas ‘will be hardest hit’ financially

  1. The Brexiteers from UKIP wants a very Hard Brexit immediately, they don't want a trade deal with the EU and want to keep distance away from Europe with high contempt, they prefer a trade deal with Donald Trump's America instead.

  2. Fish worth 0.03% of UK GDP and employes 12,500 people and 4000 of them are part time, 68% of the catch goes to EU as they types of fish does not interest the UK consumer , but who cares now about facts?

  3. Amusing that she looks at her Grandchild and realises what he doesn't resources are scarce and the island is getting smaller so she is thinking of the future! He is fundamentally lazy and all he is concerned with is the here and now and how he will struggle! No deal is the best opportunity for us Islanders…!

  4. In 10-15 years we wont be getting back on our feet we'll be the leader of the anti – eu movement, greece and italy will join next, the netherlands are already there, the only dumbfucks who will stay are the ones who put the most money in like france and germany the only reason why the euro has remained stable in certain countries but wait until they revolt against their own goverment as well after all these refugees who have never been integrated start taking their houses and their medicine and raping their children like in the manchester islam pedo rings

  5. stop shitting ourselves why are some british people so scared about self determination too many years being brainwashed by the bbc and channel 4,weve all been called racist for our history and some believe that and now the same people are being brainwashed to believe we must be ruled by the eu what happened to this country

  6. Since Brexit the pounds sterling has not recovered (despite BOE interventions) consequently businesses are closing/downsizing Maplin, Toys R us, House of Fraser, pound land, mothercare, car phone warehouse etc not to mention BMW , Airbus warnings. One only has to visit the fuel pumps or buy groceries to see/ feel the increased cost of living as a result of brexit vote. this whole brexit tragedy will be a death of a thousand cuts, very slowly but progressively businesses will GO to Europe, the high street will disappear along with jobs. I see the young British moving to Europe for employment , what will we call them them immigrants or expats I wonder !!!

  7. Lol. They would say that. Terribly inaccurate before, during and after the referendum. Academics/journalists are the stupidest people in this country…and only just in front of those who listen to their sensationalist diatribe.

  8. The arrogant and self-righteous contempt, condescension and visceral disgust that leftist globalist pro-EU Brits feel and display towards their fellow citizens that voted for Brexit is just sickening and shameful. They view "leave" voters, who just wanted their own country to reclaim it's legal sovereignty and decision making abilities as every country should, to maintain its own laws and borders, to prioritize and take care of its own people and their issues before those of other nations, and to determine their own fate and trading relationships, as racist, bigoted, ignorant, and unenlightened simpletons and imbeciles, calling them every filthy insult and "" and "..ism" imaginable; people who are just too stupid and unsophisticated to understand just how well multiculturalism, unfettered mass migration and open borders, increased crime, etc has worked out for them. In other words, they're just too stupid to know what's best for them (ie. a giant bloated self important unaccountable elitist leftist nanny-state EU bureaucracy).

  9. Jesus H Christ!!! "At the end of the day"… is the most moronic saying that comes out of these people's mouths. They may aswell wear a badge that reads "I'm a freakin CRETIN!".

  10. I don't trust any analysis from remain or the establishment. After Brexit. Remainers need to f'ed off to Africa after being liquidated of all assets. That woukd be my dream.

  11. David Cameron and the EU made me vote Brexit and I’d likely vote for it again.
    Reason why was the whole supposed negotiation on the UK getting a better deal with the UK that seemed like a farce from the beginning. Then the remain campaign that really failed to give me a proper reason as to what it was all about. The EU have a huge PR problem because they don’t really know how to sell the thing.
    I think the idea that it will cost the economy is obvious and besides the point for some people. I factored in the upheaval that was going to happen before I even voted. I have always thought the real argument for Brexit is sovereignty and I believe what makes you a remainer or leaver is determined by your priorities.
    Personally I’d be a lot happier with the EU if they at least heard people’s frustrations and made it seem like maybe something can be worked out to improve the EU but they seem to scorn at the people who are critical of it not even out of spite but trying to reach the best possible solution. I think European Nations can have shared laws and regulations on a mutual consent basis without the overhead of the EU.
    I think people who support the EU should also constructively criticise it as we do our governments and other institutions of power.

  12. Sorry, I've no regrets. Until they do the right thing and add a Democratic mechanism to remove Bad/Corrupt/Inept Presidents (ala Juncker the Drunk and Verhofstadt the corrupt weasel) then I've no interest in being part of the European Boys club. Economic pain is nothing compared to being ran by a corrupt bunch of failed politicians that can't even declare their expenses…

    Guess C4 forgot about those expenses eh?

    Oh and just so C4 know, since it seems to be pushing the same false narrative, it's about Democracy and the thirst for more of it.

    Guess they missed the petition to reform the Lords into an elected house eh?

    Guess they missed the growing appetite for Direct Democracy

    Guess they also missed the part where a lot of Brexiteers would be absolutely okay with a Federal Europe, but not one that ignores Democracy.

    Doesn't fit their narrative does it.

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