Channel 4 News – Brexit special edition

Britain has voted to leave the EU, David Cameron is to resign, the pound hits a 30 year low and Scotland may leave the UK: welcome to Day One of Brexit


49 thoughts on “Channel 4 News – Brexit special edition

  1. FARAGE: "A victory for ordinary people"
    CROWD: "Yeeeah!"
    "A victory for decent people"
    CROWD: "Yeeeah!"
    "A victory for rich white people"
    CROWD: "Yeee… wait what was the last one?"

  2. No wonder the UK voted to leave if this is what passes for journalism. ITN should be very ashamed of itself. Ashamed to the point of surrendering its broadcasting licence. It's stomach-churningly dishonest.

  3. There is NO .Empire , your a small country who happens to have some big guns from the old days, and yet your attempt to hold on to the glory days is in fact dripping poison against all of us.

  4. I just loved the reaction of all the expert's on channel four news , for example John Snow and the female reporter outside the houses of parliament , I was waiting for both to say "Financial market's have collapsed and the world is going to end" .
    It's been just over a year now since we the People , told our politicians and our government that we wanted to leave the European union/Soviet union and not one of the supposed terrible things that were going to happen quite simply didn't happen , all those expert's,all those lies told to us by the remain in the EU campaign.
    I know that you remoaners are going to say "what about the lie on the big red bus , well that was just an example of how we could spend our own money, plain and simple,but not for the remoaners I guess.

  5. Channel 4 Ant-Trump Ethnic Minority FAKE News, the unofficial biased mouthpiece of the gobby and self-serving race UK relations industry practically invented the concept of fake news in  the way it has repeated spread scare and invented news stories about the consequences of Brexit and the election of the visionary Donald Trump yet now has the shameless hypocrisy to criticise those who it accuses on indulging in exactly the same practice. You couldn't make it up even if Channel 4 Ant-Trump Ethnic Minority FAKE News regularly does!

  6. 2nd referendum a possibility the day after 7 months later still a possibility they know if the go for it and lose they will be flushed down the crapper.That would be 62%of people who voted not 62% of people in Scotland which is what they keep saying.I think most Scots thought voting remain if the rest of the UK voted leave would be the best chance of getting another referendum so the idiots who want to get out of the UK but Nicola Stupid won't go because she knows she will be handed her arse in as hand basket.

  7. Jon Snow you dumb fuck you get paid a lot of money for being stupid what a waste of time you are.You cannot control immigration while in the EU what don't you understand about that.You're a poor excuse of a white man change your tampon your remain slip is showing.

  8. Predictions of doom seem to be on the money?wrong all were wrong eat shit and die you lying scum the stocks at record highs economy doing fine wow .Now they say well nothing has happened yet so they now change tack because they were all so wrong.And the same when we do eventually do leave we will be fine and the doom and gloomers will be quite and try and use something else.

  9. I like how all the lefty liberal socialists types who usually hate capitalism now worry about rich bankers loosing money (which they placed on a remain win) and the value of the pound (which to them is a stupid concept anyway) amazing what a loss can do for your morals.

  10. the thing is this scotland haven't got migrant problem because they haven't moved to scotland yet. London's gone that was taken over years ago they moving up all the time take about 5 more years and they be in scotland then ask the scotish people if they want to be part of the EU. People only care when it affects them.

  11. The majority of people who voted BREXIT want our democracy back. The EU are trying to do what Nazi Germany failed to do in two World Wars, dominate Europe. I love Europe, but I hate the EU and the Brussel bureaucrats telling us what to do and when to do it with our own money. The EU is un-democratic. The EU looks after 28 different countries badly. Downing Street only needs to look after one country, Great Britain. I'm Black, British and I voted BREXIT.

  12. thats the way…. we heard about how during olympics our atheletes were shunned abused and ignored by other eu nations atheletes…. well we nearly won more all of them put together… i think they should start an eu team and stop pretending they have nations anymore

  13. Cameron lied because he said he would implement the result whichever way it went, but then resigned when his project fear didn't work as well as he's hoped. But that's a precedent, because what's to stop May from resigning if she finds negotiations too tough to deal with? It's a shame our government is so lily livered, scared of its own shadow.
    And what of the British people who voted to leave EU? Are they up for a fight, because it will probably need that before action really happens.
    It's amazing, Britain ruled nearly half the world at one point, now we're scared of offending the EU if we invoke artricle 50. And Article 50 would be playing by their rules lol!!

  14. Can someone explain this to me (I'm a citizen of the Republic of Ireland). I took the timing of David Cameron's promise to hold a referendum on Britain's membership of the E.U. (before the last general election) as an attempt to strengthen Cameron's negotiations with the E.U. at that time. But that promise was clearly effectively saying that the British people needed to consider whether they would want to stay in the E.U. It was not a message saying the British people wanted an opportunity to reaffirm their membership of the E.U. So Cameron started off on the wrong foot if he was going to campaign to stay in Europe. I know this is simplifying the matter, but I have to ask that if Cameron was playing poker with the E.U., then why did he place himself in such a problematic starting position? What was he hoping to gain by exposing himself to such a risky course of action.

  15. This stupid hysterical woman @ 16:00 is embarassing. Now that markets have reclaimed new highs I wonder if she prepared to eat her words? Somehow I doubt it. Everything wrong with political and economic journalism today. Idiot.

  16. That Jon Snow is a complete dick, one month after the referendum the UK economy is thriving, unemployment is falling, Armageddon avoided. So….. the Brexit day 1 program is already proved to be a load of bollocks. Where is the C4 "one month later" update…….

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