Italy bridge collapse: search efforts continue

“It seemed like a scene from a film, it was the apocalypse” – the words of one man who survived the motorway bridge collapse in Genoa that left at least 39 people dead.

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Rescue teams are still searching the crumpled mounds of cement, but with little hope of finding anyone else alive. It’s still too early to say what caused the tragedy, while in the last few minutes the authorities approved a 12-month state of emergency in Genoa. We speak to Giovanni Solari, Professor of Structural Engineering at the University of Genoa.


24 thoughts on “Italy bridge collapse: search efforts continue

  1. everyone in the construction industry knows full well the corrosive nature of lime gypsum the base compound for concrete this along with cracks the ingress of water and you are guarunteed accelerated corrosion regardless whether the steel strings are sheafed or not…you can bet your bottom and corrupted lira dollar that people would have declared that bridges unorthodox construction steel cables coated and cast in concrete an modern engineering marvel…but now let these morons eat there words as 39 are declared dead and the death toll is rising…you complete idiots…

  2. Hope the bridge was not destroyed by an earthquake?
    I'm in Italy, Around Napoli. Yesterday our house showed us a sign of an earthquake!
    Today also at 20:25 our the same house shake until we left the house for some minutes but nothing had happened!
    Hope it's not a signal to earthquake?

  3. Karma for Bombing Libya Ghaddafi!
    Karma for refusing Migrants!
    Karma for voting Neo-Nazi Far-Right Facist Racists Leaders in Government!
    And theres more to come!
    They messing within a wrong eclips timeline!

  4. LOL, Italy has numerous bridge build 2000 YEARS AGO on the Roman empire (some complete, some half destroyed). And now they can't even do 50 years ?!? I think we are going to see a lots viaducts or bridges collapsing in the next 10 years around the world.

    A lot of families are sitting in the street between bags and suitcases!
    I'm curious if they help these people, or is it just for the refugees that Europe help.

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