Sasha: iconic dance DJ talks about fame, mental health and his love of dance

Sasha was one of the original superstar DJs who helped propel British House and dance music to global success.

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Mixmag famously asked if Sasha was the ‘Son of God’ – the legendary DJ helped develop the genre from underground raves to super-clubs like Pacha and Fabric in the 1990s.

Alexander Coe has been a headline act for three decades, redefining DJing from playing music to creating it live and in real-time; it was radical, and it attracted an obsessive crowd across the world.

In a rare interview, he talks to Channel 4 News about his place in dance music’s history and how the industry is starting to talk about mental health after the recent death of the DJ Avicii who is thought to have taken his own life.


50 thoughts on “Sasha: iconic dance DJ talks about fame, mental health and his love of dance

  1. ohh man we had some fun… love from me to you, remember being in the flats in hulme and pulling tunes out your box saying play this man and you goin … man i forgot about this…. we had fun man . will always hold those days in my heart.xxxxxxxx

  2. This guy was good between 1991 to 1994. He stretched out that fame longer than Micheal Owen did with the England football team. Both complete shite after Thier initial fame.

  3. My god, the truth that's coming out of his mouth with such a passion is just unreal in these times! <3 <3 Still remember the first time in, think it was around 98', when I stumbled upon one of his tracks, the Minimal Qat, and just fell in love with his sound!

  4. What an all round interesting and top chap Sasha is. I enjoyed watching that. The period from 1995 to about 2004 is my favourite musically but I recognise that someone like Sasha will want to keep moving.

  5. New Priests of the New Church. 32 years on, it's still here and fathers and mothers are dancing alongside their kids who have found a home after the gloss of EDM got sleepy. It's the only church that doesn't tell you what to believe, black/white/brown/yellow or pink, rich or poor, Jew/Christian/Muslim or atheist…all welcome – all equal. Only love rules. There is only one House music. Welcome home, fam.

  6. The way he talks about the late 80s is how it was for me in the late 90s in the states where I'm from. It was still very much underground and still cool where now it's so commercial and trendy, though techno/tech house is still a bit more underground than other forms of edm.

    I can say that Sasha was one of the reasons I got into Dj'ing, along with Digweed, Dave Seaman, and Nick Warren, I love those British DJs.

  7. Was present at a couple of Sasha's sessions at Space, must have been '99 I think. Memory's a bit hazy (ahem!) but I recall one occasion, out on the terrace, early evening, I was sat by myself and nearby I saw Sasha standing alone on the edge of things; I guess he must have arrived early for his set or something and was just waiting around. Didn't realise who he was at first, then, when it dawned on me, felt too shy and 'not worthy' to speak to him. Think I managed a nod of recognition, which I recall was acknowledged. But I do remember glimpsing some of the shyness and on-the-road isolation he speaks about here; in that off-stage, unguarded moment I could read it in his posture and demeanour. To me it was like, but this dude's a legend, how can he just look like a slightly ill-at-ease, ordinary bloke? Watching this interview brought that moment back really clearly and gave me a new insight into it.

    And Space has gone! I didn't know that. Yes, gutted, I can totally relate to that.

  8. Sasha will always will hold an important part of my life , witnessing the the birth of the super club and progressive house music ,Front room in Cream in Liverpool , with those big white lights , serious even had shovell from M people playing percussion alongside , big nights ! and nothing like it today when it comes to a real sense of belonging and of course the DJ. put in a link to one of my favourite Sasha tunes .

  9. One of sashas top 10 sets off the 90s was when he did a 3hr set at BONDS In b,ham they dat recorded it and called it transmission I had the set on 2 tapes but some BSTRD nicked,but I googled it and it's on so I downloaded it onto my phone,it just builds and builds and builds,touches your heart without a doubt.amazing set knot to slow knot to trancy.๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. He sounds quite modest even though he comes across as quite serious when you see him play live he might not be the son of god and I think I owned that magazine back in the day but he definitely makes godlike music xpander EP was one of the first records I bought when I started djing that along with the remix of little boots and track 10 will forever be some of the best dance music ever made IMO.

  11. You do know Sasha is kind of like the face of his music ye? Charles May , Andy Page etc are the guys behind his music. Basically he has a production team working with him.

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