Trump responds to ‘treason’ from within

In Washington a frenetic guessing game is underway to unearth the identity of the author of a New York Times opinion essay who claims to be part of a ‘resistance’ inside the White House.

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The anonymous official wrote about efforts to constrain the President’s “amorality” and “impulsiveness”.

In response, Donald Trump has called the writer ‘Gutless’ and demanded the newspaper ‘turn him or her over to government at once!”

We’re also joined by the intelligence analyst Sebastian Gorka – a former advisor to the Trump Administration in 2017.


47 thoughts on “Trump responds to ‘treason’ from within

  1. Go l back to England .. The established Republicans are 'not to be trusted and have violated their alliance to those that put them into office. There is treason going on and we need a gang to go to Washington and stop those that are opposing the will of the people. Trump is a duly elected president and all these obstruction from those communist democrats is treason. They all must be put jail as they have totally ignored. Obama totally ignored the constitution and shredded it and he must be brought up on treason charges. Only insane people would think bringing in thousands of Muslims unvetted into the country and treating the like royalty is insane when they hate our guts. Look at what they did to England, France , Italy etc. Thy get set up in business and they get welfare and live like kings on the poor working taxpayer that gets nothing. England has also screwed their citizens letting the Muslims take over

  2. British TV propaganda. I sometimes listen to BBC Radio driving to work early in the morning and the reports on Trump are very subtly left leaning propaganda. That's why I got rid of my TV licence

  3. Gorka deliberately misconstrues the material point. Trump demonstrates erratic thinking. He tumbles into jibberish in public discussions. His job performance makes a significant portion of citizens uneasy about his mental stability. Gorka needs to produce more convincing evidence of Trump's capacity to adequately perform his job. That is what he should be doing. Because he cannot explain away what we daily see and hear. he would have us chase fantastical rabbits.

    It is way too late for that to work.

  4. Immigrant Gorka is as credible as his PhD from a non accredited institution, disloyal to the country of his birth and unwanted in the country of his ancestry. Having crossed the Atlantic he managed to weasel his way into the halls of power on the coat tails of a fake tanned fraud, who weaselled his way into high office. Strip off the posh threads and smarmy accent and there is not much left beyond his alt right inclinations

  5. There is little to comfort American citizens in the anonymous NYT Op Ed. Trump has made trust in government too expensive for ordinary citizens to buy.

    No one who has listened to his speeches or read his tweets can escape the dangers he presents because of his proximity to power.

    This is a President who actually thought signing an Executive Order was identical to passing a law. It took a long time – months – before he understood the difference between Presidential Executive Orders, Presidential Proclamations and Congressional passage of statutory laws. Even now the difference sometimes eludes him.

    The purpose of any deliberate insertion of chaos and confusion in important decision-making situations must always be suspected. It is done for a reason and the reason is rarely a good one.

    Common sense warns us all to be brutally critical of the established powerful and rudely suspicious of their self-serving minions.

    When those in power have provided too many reasons to kick them out it is more than likely they will try all manner of ploys to help them stay in.

  6. No oops! I am referring to anonymous writer. Trump is a hero for all mankind who has the gut to say out for all sensible mankind regardless of your social status in this time of turmoil. I love Trump. God bless Donald Trump.

  7. Sounds very fishy, I would say it's a fake news item from the fake news makers, not anyone in trumps team more like a phoney made up load of rubbish and has been day after day since he became President to bring him down, but time will tell.

  8. I get so tired of hearing the same speech from Trump over and over and over. He says the same thing, brags about the same thing, and then blames sessions for all of his problems. He is like a broken record. Why does he lie? His poll numbers are not good. But we've learned not to trust those. Anything can happen. The op ed says we are operating under a two track presidency. Would'nt it be funny someday to learn this group had actually saved us from something. Senator Corker is right, it is nothing new and they should ignore it. It could be a hoax. This man on screen right now scares me. He seems evil and dangerous. Please quit booking him. He can give one nightmares. Very hateful.

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