David Guetta interview (English): a victim of his own success?

He’s a multi-award winning DJ who’s believed to be worth nearly thirty million pounds. But David Guetta is a man with problem. How do you spend all that cash? The Superstar DJ who’s sold over thirty million singles worldwide says he’s a victim of his own success because he works so much that he hasn’t got time to spend his money. Fatima Manji went to meet him. And a warning the report contains flashing images from the start.

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14 thoughts on “David Guetta interview (English): a victim of his own success?

  1. David Guetta is a good guy but he never would have come to the top without his wife seeing how he tries to act young by going with a new young girl… Who looks like her and is just younger ..

  2. He had a good explanation for him feeling like a citizen of the world, at least he didn't try to push that on others and be little people who think differently than he about that.

  3. Big love and respect! There's the only way to remain​ on the top in this industry. It's being flexible. It takes a lot of hard work and talent! David Guetta really deserves good words, although I'm not the biggest fan of his recent music, ​everyone has their own taste.

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