Feeding America’s poor – why food stamps won’t go away | Channel 4 News

The USA may be one of the richest and most dynamic economies in the world, but one in six Americans receive help with their grocery bills in the form of food stamps, funded by the federal government. Economics Editor Faisal Islam reports.

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30 thoughts on “Feeding America’s poor – why food stamps won’t go away | Channel 4 News

  1. Our country is dumb.Why would we as taxpayers and our government create something that you don’t expect people to need and use?(food stamps)?And when people use them you put them in a category and make it a negative thing.smh

  2. When you work and still have to get "food stamps" then it is not the working person getting the benefit, it is the employer. This is corporate welfare. The hard working person should also not bare any "shaming" for trying to earn an honest living. People should be paid enough to be able to feed themselves!!!!

  3. You can't punish people because they are poor… nor take away something that help them because someone is using it in a negative way. Why do people rely on food stamps….? its because you rather invest to companies than to your people.

  4. all hail the plutocracy. huge yatchts and golden toilets for the rich, bread and circuses for everyone else. the usa is even more unequal than ancient rome.

  5. Would much rather my taxes help feed people over waging war on the rest of the world. That being said if fast food corps and Walmart etc would pay a living wage and health care was made universal, the whole food need might be lessened

  6. I got food stamps an ebt card in 2015 and this year too. I lost my job this year in 2018. I never misused my foodstamp card. 192 dollars a month in foodstamps now. My dad i live with gets 335 a month in foodstamps, and he retired around 1998. In 2002 my dad got foodstamps and still does and has too, or else we will go hungry.

  7. People can afford true necessities such as new cars, video games, cable tv, iPhones, fast food and Disney vacations but can’t afford food. EBT purchases should exclude sugary items such as soda, cake and sugary cereals. I am not responsible to fund fiscal choices of the “poor” and illegal aliens. I’m happy to find charities that ensure the needy receive what the real necessities and not necessarily what they want.

  8. A lot of corporate bootlickers in this comments section, along with deluded and brainwashed individuals thinking their so above the greedy welfare recipients. Even Ayn Rand, the right's goddess of individualism, arguing that government benefits constitute an immoral redistribution of wealth, received Social Security payouts later in life. Let's see what you do when should you fall ill or get injured and are out of work for a stretch of time.

  9. About fu.kin time the rest of Americans get to deal with what veterans go through….what are you all bitching for????? Veterans have had to use food stamps for a lot longer than any of you and we veterans have done the most difficult job f all…..defending your ungrateful asses so you could do what you do….how does it feel?

  10. The sad thing is we are a country depending more on a government that is 20 trillion in debt. When our government can't pay the debt or creates hyper inflation by printing more money, the never ending cycle continues into the abyss.

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