Libyan soldiers run riot at British army base | Channel 4 News

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They came to learn the discipline of the British army. Instead they terrified a Cambridgeshire base with riots, rapes and stabbings. We have the inside story of how Libya’s trainee soldiers run amok.

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40 thoughts on “Libyan soldiers run riot at British army base | Channel 4 News

  1. How the hell did the army allow this to happen? Why on EARTH did they allow them to drink on base and wander the streets, knowing how out of control they were?! This is insane! The MoD are a joke.

  2. Discusting , these arnt men they are rapist ! They tried to rape one of there own guys what the fuck is wrong with these people , they are all sex obsessed barbaric fuckin scum I don't know why the British soldiers didn't smash them up . fuck the middle east scumbags .

  3. I'm a Libyan and who those did that crime didn't  represent Libyans , those fuckers are sick and need Psychiatric treatment instead military training , and they chosen by mistake not by degrees and Morality , also it is a big and fast business between two governments

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