Nigel Farage interview on Trump, Brexit and by-elections with Channel 4 News in America

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage discusses the Brexit process, by-election disappointment in Stoke and learning lessons from Donald Trump for clamping down on immigration.

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43 thoughts on “Nigel Farage interview on Trump, Brexit and by-elections with Channel 4 News in America

  1. wow….. channel 4 … WTF…. it's not a ban on Muslim's …… will people fucking listen it's getting embrassing !!!!!!!! you know that old saying stop think listen engage . just fucking do it for a change

  2. From ''26.000.000 romanians and bulgarians '' as you predicted, came only 74.000 ?:)) And how many of those are STUDENTS that are paying billions to the british UNIs ?:)) Garage , No1 twat in the Galaxy ! lmao

  3. All these fucking NIMBYs! Ok, let all these fucking Romanians, Bulgarians, third-world unknowns live in YOUR fucking neighbourhood! Ahh, yeah, didn't think so. Sanctimonious CUNTS!

  4. Why the fuck you give airtime to this twat? The left media gave time to the joker in USA, see what an orange slug they got!!
    This lying c should be banned from the media

  5. Muslims country's banning migrants from Israel

    They do it out of hatred and religious reasons if we ever did ban Muslims from entering uk or have a travel ban we shouldn't do it for that reason out of hatred

  6. Brexit = Ukip is finished!!!

    Liebour = Workings mans party (^o^) those dudes handed all work to China and Poland and scream racist at anyone who dares challenge their treacherous migration policies, yet they're still okay, biased much ch4?

    Tory = Well we all know who they represent, i'll leave the name calling to you're transgression

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