Baroness Warsi interview: why I quit over Gaza | Channel 4 News

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi tells Cathy Newman that the government should not have “dragged its heels” over the situation in Gaza, as the death toll rises past 1,800.

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21 thoughts on “Baroness Warsi interview: why I quit over Gaza | Channel 4 News

  1. There is something rather attractive about Baroness Warsi❤Although our political ideologies are completely different i think we would get along fine!👍I think i'm in love with her!❤😆👯‍♀️

  2. Cameron over-promoted her as an excuse to have a Muslim woman in a high place. She has never been a particularly high calibre politician. She's been disruptive, divisive and inflammatory promoting parallel views to that of the government. In reality, she naturally associates more closely with the Labour Party and members of the Labour Party. Let's face it, of course she was never a Brexit supporter.
    Sayeeda Warsi is a sad, pathetic attention seeker. Everything she does is about drawing attention to herself. Just look at the timing of each of the controversial announcements she has made.

  3. just seen this useless piece of shit.claiming that British folk are abusing migrants on the street telling them to go home as we are leaving the EU.on national TV.can u imagine what all the migrants that have made there home in the UK and are totally integrated with us and have been for decade's are thinking ..wot a piece of inflammatory shit this woman is.

  4. Quit Quit Quit, she likes to Quit things. She even Quits things she was never part of. At no point did this woman support the leave campaign. Odd doncha think that when she quit over Gaza her attack was on Michael Gove, who is now a leader of the Leave campaign. This woman is disingenuous in all she touches, an adultress who took the husband of a Pakistani woman whose English was so poor she did not realise she was being divorced, and yet another politician who faced a police inquiry during the expenses scandal.

  5. Warsi knew the game was rigged but bless her she thought she cold change the old boys racist club. Can't be done Sayeeda, can't be done the UK was bought, sold and paid for by cronies a LONG time ago. Shame she had the right idea.

  6. Why cant she condemn Palestinians  placing bombs at bus stops  to kill unarmed civilians? Israel allows these  attacks  to happen for weeks before they respond other countries would of flattened them the day after. The last  Israel incursion into Gaza they found  tunnels that were used to drag kidnaped children though.  Why cant she condemn Saudi Arabia who are funding ISIS  and UK is still selling weapons to them. Israel  phoned the houses to warn them before they were bombed.  The aftermath is a mess because they had to bomb so many ammo dumps under peoples houses.

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  8. Wow look at that, I've made many comments and all but 2 are deleted. No offensive words , no personal insults. just disagreement with the rhetoric. C4 come on really . your bias is betraying you.

  9. The deaths of Iraqi and Afghani civilians weren't enough for Warsi to quit the government. Nah, she's just pandering, an attention seeker. She won't be missed- she hasn't contributed anything positive to society, and the same can be said of the politicians we currently have in power.

  10. The media, as this footage shows, lack the courage to ask the questions that would expose the danger of what Wasi represents.
    Thankfully this woman’s ego has reduced her platform to influence UK policy.
    Wasi talks of ‘war crimes’ by Israel that barely conceal her real agenda of destroying the state of Israel & all of its people, as the Quran commands. She is shamefully silent about African Muslims abducting children or Islamic hordes murdering thousands in Iraq.  
    The British people are suffering the cost of pandering to the Muslim vote, their cowardice in dealing with the corrosive nature of Islam will cause us a great deal of pain in the future

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