Bouthaina Shaaban talks to Cathy Newman about Syria – full interview

President Assad’s key adviser Bouthaina Shaaban speaks in her first interview with Western media following US-led airstrikes in Syria that killed government forces.

The US administration has since expressed “regret” for “unintentional loss of life.”


49 thoughts on “Bouthaina Shaaban talks to Cathy Newman about Syria – full interview

  1. This is rather informative with regard to exposing the Obama administration’s underhanded tactics apparently intended to support terrorist forces in Syria. This is very disturbing when compared to current hostilities regarding Turkey and Afrin

  2. Cathy Newman's an embarrassment to ch4! She had her comeuppance though when Jordan Peterson sat back and allowed her to dig her own grave this week in his interview! I wonder who Newman is servicing to remain in her job. Because no way is she there by merit!

  3. Man, Cathy Newman is absolute scum. After seeing the manner with which she treated Dr. Shaaban- completely disregarding her arguments and spouting the same biases persistently, interrupting her and even making defamatory accusations- its easy to lose all faith in the western media. Have people learned nothing from the experiences of Iraq and Libya? Both cases in which wars were waged based on lies, innocent people and leaders killed and millions of lives destroyed. It's seems to be a case of rinse and repeat when it comes to Syria, however the difference is that here the West and it's collaborators' plans have been thwarted.

  4. US are the war criminals. they are the biggest thread to our time. they are terrorising our world and the true dictators, killers and rapers of our world. they call everybody Hitler, instead Hitler was even more understandable in his sick actions than US. he was sick, US is worse than Hitler. what US has done to the world is horrible. they will destroy us all. if we don't wake up. US only brings hate and war. please all people wake up and inform yourselfs. US is destroying the world

  5. I never paid much attention to the Syrian conflict, but everything changed when i met a guy from Syria who lives about 20 years in our country (Slovakia) and has a whole family in Syria .. wel he had the whole family .. they had to flee at some point to Egypt and other countries .. back to point .. i am in shock what are the western media showing and telling us about that conflict. Its a whole new story as opposed what the man told me. We are being lied to. And thanks for the internet we can realised that. Its truly terrifying to know the TRUTH as it really is. I wish Syria and its people would defend their country and not end up like Iraq or Libya which were destroyed by the US forces and still are in chaos to this day.

  6. I was under the impression that the west seized and destroyed the chemical arms in Syria. Did they not destroy the chlorine gas as well??? Well just joking after the liberation of Aleppo we saw who were mixing chemicals for weapons. This clip shows with all clarity just how ridiculous the news coverage is..

  7. wow…Channel 4's Cathy Newman might as well be a spokesperson for the US. Wow…such un-professionalism. where's the journalistic integrity????

    "It is enough treating us you know like a colonial power, western countries are still treating our countries as colonial, we are no longer colonized, we know how to defend our liberty and our freedom and we do not take our assessment through you" "

  9. what a disgusting reported Cathy Newman is. I know she is told what to say through her ear piece but she totally disrespected the Syriain deputy. I believe the west are the terrorist and supply and train the terrorists.

  10. 'While Russia and Assad were bombing hospitals in Aleppo it was Turkey and the FSA that captured Dabiq from ISIS.'

    Bouthaina Shaaban , the gloating murderess of Syrians with her Russian and Iranian henchmen. The lying murdering Fascist scum.

  11. Good for you Bouthaina Shaaban. Only the stupid believe what they hear in the western media. The west always demonize those who are trying to do good for their country, in order to massacre innocent people without question. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…and the list goes on.

  12. Stupid interviewer. For once, wake up and listen instead of being a warmonger and sitting in your cosy office trying to play the judge, the jury and the executioner. Your time has come. You invaded Syria with Sykes and Picot and now this is the end. Both historical facts happened in Syria. Accept your friggin defeat and quit standing on judgement when the Levant is non of your territory. End of the game.

  13. The interviewer is stupid and she needs to learn some hard truths. Western forces and media seems to be standing on judgement on a whole nation. They seem to live in a bubble of their own arrogance. Leave Syria to the Syrians. Your plans did not worked for Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or in Yemen. Syria has proven to be standing up to Western arrogance. Get the hell out and for once listen.

  14. Did america regret to accept its regret? Journo is asking Shaaban to respond for Russians… America , idiot blond, didn't inform Russia in advance they are going to shell SAA! They declare (falsly of course) they want to strike ISIS. The journo is trying to divide Syrians from Russian allies. Americans are not invited to Syria they are INVADERS and as such they must be treated. They go to bully in smaller countries like Syria because if they do this with Russia they 'll find themselves with their planes sticked in their ass. JOURNO YOU ARE A FASCIST IDIOT FAILURE!

  15. The legitimate secular UN recognised Syrian government is going to win this war against the west and gulf funded terrorists (every group in Syria is an Islamist, Jihadist group).

    The terrorists (Al Aqsa, specifically), as we speak right now, are about to lose Eastern Aleppo.

  16. Channel 4 talk about Assad gassing his own people with foam at their mouths, "Assad is gassing children!" – ZERO PROOF.
    Where. Is. The. Proof?
    Channel 4 news has little to do with reality, at least in that the woman in Syria is right.

  17. 'Several years of UN pleas haven't worked given that starvation is a deliberate tactic of Assad's forced displacement strategy – UN know this' UN UselessNations

  18. The interviewr tried so hard to corner her and make her look daft by applying all her tricks of the trade but this presidential advisor proved to be a very tough cookie to crack.

  19. shaabaan held herself well, to tell the truth on the ground. There is no civil war in Syria. The Syrian people are fighting against forign fighters supported and paid by outside forces.

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