Dogs on the streets: how four-legged friends help the homeless

Meet Andy and his dog Bailey.
Living on the street can be a cold and chaotic life, but most of all a lonely one. Without a support network of family and friends, many choose to own a dog – for security and for companionship. Now a group of vets have started a registered practice to give treatment to street dogs and offer their owners vital, regular contact.

We have been out with the Street Vets, spending time with these unconventional dog owners and seeing the profound bond they have with their pets.

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33 thoughts on “Dogs on the streets: how four-legged friends help the homeless

  1. This made me really sad…no thumbs up or down. I'm not even sure how I feel other than sad. I wish the people and dogs in this video well. I also wish I could do something for them.

  2. Unless you've owned a dog,…you can never understand. The more time you spend with them the stronger the relationship, so of course homeless have a stronger bond. And Staff's have a wonderful temperament.

  3. Homelessness is sick and twisted anywhere in the world; but in the shadow of Buckingham Palace, that monument to bullshit undeserved wealth, it's even more unconscionable.

  4. This is nothing more than the homeless having these dogs to get money from people & it's also very selfish in them to not give them to some1 that could give them a good warm safe home .I really hate seeing homeless people with animals just breaks my heart for the animal is not fair to them at all .If u can't provide a home for them then u don't need them .

  5. I'm not on the streets…but my dog saved my life …getting old, feeble, lonely with disabilities, I was getting more and more depressed…and then Molly came along and turned my life around, she made me laugh, cry, love, have someone to care for, she brightened my days and still does… I actually get out of the house now, instead of staring out of the window, and she has given me something to live I can understand how these people feel about there animals…they are often better cared for than some of our so-called animal lovers

  6. this is just beautiful and touching beyond words- if every loving pitbull could be a friend to a homeless person they would not be euthanized so readily for non adoption- beautiful just beautiful

  7. I was in a very similar position to Andy, i found myself homeless and on the streets after being on drugs for 10 years, my whole family gave up on me i was at my lowest ebb, theres no feeling quite like it when you feel like a piece of shit that no-one cares about it really is rock bottom, so when this female smelly mongrol crossbreed kept coming to me and following me for food at first i was like "no! go away" i cant even feed myself, let alone you. But every night she´d keep coming back and back and in the end i threw her a few scraps here and there and i started noticing how she´d growl at certain people if they came close to me, for the first time in years i felt cared about. Anyway over the next few months "Doris" as i´d informerly named her became a huge part of my life, we ended up kind of depending on each other, especially in the winter months as it became colder and food became scarcer, it was at this point i realised that "Doris" was the only thing i had, and i was the only thing she had and we were sticking together as a unit, survivng as one. Then one morning i woke up and i was horrified to see this great big black rottwieller standing over the back of Doris humping the shit out of her and the worst thing was she looked like she was really enjoying it, there was this kind of smile on her face with saliva dripping out of the edges, "NOOO!" i shouted, "whats going on Doris???!" and with that she just ran off, and to make matters worse the Rottweiller came over to me and cocked his leg and pissed all over my sleeping bag, needless to say i have never seen Doris again or that black bastard, but i wish them all the best, i just remember the good times.

  8. After more than 15 years of addiction Some things just can’t be repaired, you don’t know just how much his family would have gone through within this time, how many chances he would of had, the broken trust and constant betrayal, the things some addicts do to get their next fix are disgusting. He was probably off his head and don’t remember half the stuff he’s done but the people he hurt will never forget !! bridges would have been burnt and I doubt he’d ever be welcomed by his family with open arms.
    Nice to see he has a genuine bond with his dog though let’s just hope he does something worthwhile for the rest of his life. looks like he is going to get tons of help now this has gone viral, good luck to him.

  9. If someone cannot provide a home for a dog, ie., these so called ''homeless'' people, the dogs should be taken from them as they are not being properly cared for and its animal cruelty – plus, almost all these dogs are only kept by the ''homeless'' to get sympathy while begging for money.

  10. I cried with andys story. I know how much having a dog means to a homeless person. I lived in a forest in northern Michigan for a long time and at one point i gave up. Stopped eating and just wanted to disappear forever for lack of help and support…. my dog kept me alive by bringing me squirrels, rabbits, porcupines and turkeys…. literally forcing me to eat to live.. i felt my will come back and was able first to purchase a car to live in, then housing because i found a group of people who took a real interest in how i was living and wanted me to feel human again. Granted its not the greatest of areas to live in but were it not for my dog saving me from being mugged on Halloween night i might be dead and a felon still walking the streets. My dog bandit saved me and caught a fugitive from justice… dogs are life savers even if they never have to protect their pack leader, they love you unconditionally. I hope, no, i wish i could talk to andy on a regular basis and let him know hes not alone, invisible, or worthless… he is not without people who dont care. I am American, so yes things may be different here socially, but his story really compells me to reach out to him. God bless andy and bailey.

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