Gaza: ‘Israel has violated the laws of war’ | Channel 4 News

David Mepham, UK director at Human Rights Watch, tells Channel 4 News Israel has “violated the laws of war” in its Gaza campaign which has left dozens of children dead.

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28 thoughts on “Gaza: ‘Israel has violated the laws of war’ | Channel 4 News

  1. A 9 year boy terrorist. Sorry but I don't believe that. I live in Holland and here children are protected. I hope that one day all mankind will live in peace. I hope one day that the Israeli government will ask the Dutch gouvernement for help In the problem matters. I know the Dutch government will ask no money for this. When this will happen no child will die. Please grownups of the holy land ask for help. Even I will give money if needed. Doesn't matter if you are a Jews, Muslim, Christian of what ever you are


  3. This is why Israel does not want rights groups inside Palestine and are currently blocking them. This is why US and Israel have been blocking Palestine of having any voice at the UN FOR DECADES with abuse of veto. And this is why current political US rhetoric is urging Trump followers denounce the UN, including the International court, with fear of globalism.

    Congratulations Fools. It was really difficult to see that coming.

  4. criminals, fuck israel and the firework rockets, 3 people killed in your stinkin cities, war crimes when in the hell is some country going to wake up and kick the shit out of the jews,,,go hammas, long live palestine…

  5. I see a problem here and everywhere – unless we people don't think through it, and not try to read between lines – we will all be misled by the forces in play all around us – media, puppet governments in control by few invisible hands, global world economy that is a ticket for rich to become richer, exploitation of cheap labour, tax havens and immunity from laws or ethical standards that would have made it impossible otherwise.

    Look at Terrorism from the same lens, as a product of the pro-Israeli west just like the above and you will begin to understand that anything and everything be it ISIS, OBL, Saddam, Gadaffi all nothing but pawns but the real threat comes from within which we don't see.

    Question to ask ourselves did any one of us knew anything about Terrorism before 9/11? Y? Y now? And what is the agenda? Who is making it? What is the New World Order? Who is making it? And who is faking it? If you are able to answer correctly, you may start to understand things better, however you are still far far away from countering it cuz every single passing day you will be made to think the opposite way due to the same evil forces in play aimed at destroying your and my believes and will go on until the evil succeeds. Quran is only a warning to them and to us to be true believers and stay on course on the path destined to ascend u to heaven and not fall down in the ever burning fire where evil is headed and where Satan wishes to take us all……

  6. Jews are all over the world…they are genocidal murderers killing childrens…they not seek for terrorist,¬†they want the extermination,¬†Jews and Masons are the same,¬†his will be the way to impose the new world order!…care to support the genocidal acts of israel,¬†Might be the next gaza…

  7. Is this a joke? LOL pigsrael dictates to YOU (the world) what a crime is, not the other way round.  100% guaranteed РNOTHING will happen to pigsrael.  All this kind of news is drama to make it look like "we are doing something". They are all in it together.  This is a war against Islam and Muslims.  All over the world it is only Muslims and their countries that are being targeted.  Then they cry when muslims take up arms and take revenge.  If every cunt in pigsrael is a soldier then every cunt pig is a target.  You coward cunts can't have it both ways.

    May the children of all the cunts helping pigsrael and pigsrael itself die in the most horrific ways, worse than what they are doing to the Palestinians.

  8. Stop blaming Israel for misfired Hamas rockets.  Often after Israel has taken out a Hamas terrorist, Hamas goes in and doctors up the area.  You can see this on the UN video.  You cannot believe a terrorist organization who kills to blame Israel.  Israel also wasnt responsible for rocketing the power plant.  I wouldnt put it past Hamas to rocket an area and kill innocent kids to blame Israel.  This is really sick and the world is buying this sickness.  The world has gone mad. 

  9. This is half a century old, and they're getting nicer, actually. Listen to the stories of the 1st generation palestinian refugees about how Israeli soldiers were massacring and mass executing citizen. They just wasn't youtube back then, nor that much awareness, and I doubt it got that much coverage.

  10. thats what i thought to but not now this one opened my eyes and i dont like what i see its an eye for an eye israel has fucked its self this time its lost a lot of ppl like me 

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