Germaine Greer on women’s liberation, the trans community and her rape

Feminist writer and academic Germaine Greer talks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about why she is against gender equality, for women’s liberation and uninterested in the trans community. She also talks in-depth for the first time about her own experience of rape.

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20 thoughts on “Germaine Greer on women’s liberation, the trans community and her rape

  1. Greer is Ayran. She is not like Chinese people. But when did she become Aryan in 18th century, in 19th century. When you listen to her, you see what her politics is. It is not humane, it is seeped in nostalgia. I am sure she shows a lot of qualities in Donal Trump. Perhaps, they are distant cousins.

  2. She makes a great point about rape and sexual assault, although it's bad for people of course. The empathy and sympathy that goes on is weakening. It's weird though she's right on the line of victim blaming in a way, but I can understand why she would do that – not to condone it – but to protect the victim from having to be a victim. I'm a lifelong victim of child sexual abuse, and every time I think about it usually in the context of perpetual recovery, it makes me feel horrible, while otherwise I'm okay aside from life sucking in general. This is something you can't say out loud, even if you're an avid pedophile killer, because people will take it to mean that it's not that bad. That's at the cost though of never allowing anyone to get better or get over it. Hard issue.

  3. I dont like the way she handles the rape issue and the way she refuses to see trans women as allies but god i love this lady. A real think a real feminist with a brilliant mind.

  4. Oh dear Germaine while I appreciate your common sense about many things BUT you are very judgemental of victims of abuse on this chat. Surely you MUST know there is a full spectrum of effects on sexual abuse victims and a continuum of survivorship. AND a full spectrum of the kinds of abuse that women experience from molesting to incest to gang rape. My God woman.

  5. So those born in male bodies are wasting their time with gender reassignment surgery because they are tall, have big hands and feet and never had a period. Well newsflash there are tall women with big hands and feet who stop menstruating beyond a certain age. Saying such features she mentioned stop somone from being viewed a female is not only baseless, but is an insult to all women with big hands and feet and who are very tall. So women rejecting female steriotypes is neccesarry, but men rejecting male steriotypes lead to suicide? Nonsense, the trans people i'm friends with could not be happier.

  6. no im not confident having this woman speak for me. she says things without thinking, getting herself in a corner, and it makes her whole argument look weak. im not leaving this video with a clear sense of anything. I think theres an issue with women of her generation speaking for women in general, they are very affected by the way the oppression of their time has interacted with their development, you can see much of the 'oh pull yourself together' attitude in her value system bleeding into her argument and critisism of other women!…..

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