Michael Moore: Trump and resistance (interview with Channel 4 News)

Filmmaker Michael Moore talks to Jon Snow about Donald Trump, the left, the Women’s March and “100 days of resistance”.
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37 thoughts on “Michael Moore: Trump and resistance (interview with Channel 4 News)

  1. A few days before he was caught and executed, a German resistance, Anti Hitler activist said this'
    A Dictatorship is like a snake' If you cut off its tail it will just turn around and bite you' You have to strike the Head.

  2. "I will not tolerate this again in my lifetime." So, the legitimate, peaceful transfer of power is something that Michael Moore will no longer tolerate (if power is transferred to someone he disapproves of, that is). Tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Moore, really.

  3. cause harm Michael Moore? u ppl been causing harm with riots looting and hurting ppl plus their property u dumb shit!! damn u need to get out u don't like it here!!! I think we should protest Michael Moore with get the f out sighns lol!!!

  4. talk about liberal, socialist, pussy. this guy takes the cake. And im pretty sure this guy has never had a piece of ass in his whole life. He is so worried about CNN and making money off of our bones in our hands and making excuses for every other country in the world being the way they are. Hey you fat fucking communist…………leave my country and take all these whining pussies with you. I have the american flag tattooed on my throat, common motherfucker try and burn that one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LMAO ! Michael dummy ! Because you live in a republic dummy ! The Mob does not rule here dummy ! He won under the law so cry baby cry! It won't change anything . Other then point out what a fool democrats are ! LMAO ! But that is why the Democrats love the slow minded stupid and easily fooled like you dummy ! LMAO ! Aren't you one of the losers leaving ? Make sure you take Rosie ! OK ! Back in line for the next clown brigade parade !

  6. The Left are completely and totally delusional. They are not Liberals, they are cultural Marxists and dangerous. I've had enough of these self-righteous pricks. Bring it on.

  7. Lets turn the situation around shall we and imagine that the Democrats won but did so with the Republicans "winning" the popular vote. I'll bet a penny to a pound that Moore would be standing there saying, "thank god for the electoral college it saved America". If I'm right then it really isn't the system Moore is angry with its the result.

  8. Michael Moore is a bitter, misinformed, obese tranny. Like it or not, Trump won the election fair and square according to the system that's in place in the U.S.. Deal with it!

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