Mother of the trapped princesses talks to Channel 4 News

Krishnan speaks to Alanoud Al Fayez, the Saudi king’s former wife and the mother of the imprisoned princesses. What’s it like to see her daughters on Skype when she hasn’t been able to meet them for 13 years?Sign up for Snowmail, your daily preview of what is on Channel 4 News, sent straight to your inbox, here:

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21 thoughts on “Mother of the trapped princesses talks to Channel 4 News

  1. Hi, I think that the mother she is a fraid of the Prince family and she knows that she will not be able to help her doughter for sure.
    Because Dubai low is very strong and the pince will kill any one who cames in his way.

  2. This situation is pretty simple to understand: Saudi King did something messed up that he hides from the public but his wife (this woman) knows about it and did not like it; she probably tried to escape with her daughters but they got left behind; the king(s) threaten her to shut up or they will kill her daughters while the daughters are imprisoned in fear that they might escape to their mother whom would reveal their big secret; and if she goes back to Saudia, they will slice her head off for being a threat.

  3. It’s been a long time I’m trying to find these girls and their mother no formation on them anymore if anyone know any information please I am concerned and is really bothering me this is absolutely ridiculous where is the human rights where is humanity we need to care love our fellow humans these girls are crying for help and their mother for so many years this is sad and scary I hope they not really disappeared silently!😱😱😱😱

  4. SO WE Have a powerful king who locked up his daughters away from freedom and society abused his wife and refuses to let his daughters see their mother. And people only bitch about the mother? where all the angry comments towards the disgusting father?


    The journalist is PART of the SYSTEM!
    He didnt want ANYTHING NEGATIVE said about the antichrist, obama!

    THE WORLD is DOING NOTHING ABOUT THIS because king abdullah is part of the satanic global illuminati network!

    So they have his back!

    They just allow banter to go on about this,
    but plan on doing NOTHING!

    People need to DEMAND THEY BE RELEASED!
    The mother needs to SPILL HER GUTS and the SHEER, UTTER, TOTAL TRUTH!
    And people show show GREAT DISRESPECT to the saudi kingdom as a result of this, refusing to do business with them,
    but sanction them!


    + + + 
    Angelina Lazar
    Defender of Huma Rights
    W O R L D W I D E .

  6. How can-and am not judging- how can this mother eat drink and sleep comfortably while knowing the state her children are in? I would rather go back thre and stay with them and face all the abuse together.. atleast that way my heart would be in peace despite the problems around us

  7. What a hard place to be. Mother the world wouldn't be shocked as to why you left/divorced the King. There's nothing new under the sun. It's all together sad the King makes a decree and it's done. And no one can do nothing about it. The one constant not changing, conservative in Saudi Arabia is the women and their treatment. Covered and servant to their men. This has for thousands of years. Like a scream no one hears or ignores. 

  8. make a fare trade let one of the daughter come to England and you'l go back to Saudi Arabia
    we all know the king doesn't want to hurt her his X wife and if he really want her back he could get the government to send her back or kidnap her to be brought back
    the King  just wants to show the world he can make her come back on her own its an Ego thing with him
    its his honor his pride. the mother cant talk to king her self on the phone if the king wanted to see his x wife he get on plane and fly to England  and talk to her
    he will bring his daughter and say well if you come see me you'l see your daughter and they can talk out in England

  9. I would have stayed with my daughter no matter what. If this woman has something on the king, why is she safely in exile and not dead? Its very hard to understand this. This sharia law would have been criminal here at one time. Those poor women.

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