Nicola Sturgeon extended interview: Brexit and the future for Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon’s extended interview speaking about Brexit, her relationship with Prime Minister Theresa May, and another independence referendum for Scotland. Subscribe for more:


26 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon extended interview: Brexit and the future for Scotland

  1. I want England to be an independent country,Scotland wales and Northern Ireland do one and stand on your own two feet without English taxpayers constantly paying to keep you.

  2. The Falklands voted overwhelmingly to remain with the English.. This differs from both Catalunia and Scotland. Scotland voted narrowly to continue together with the English within Europé in 2014.

  3. This creature would be completely screwed as would Scotland if the Shetland islands wanted their independence…. Truth be told the Shetland Islands DO NOT belong to Scotland or the UK !.. There are plenty of people that know it and WILL eventually act on it !

  4. The interviewer doesn’t get that a single market and the EU are not dividable. You can have a free trade agreement with the EU, but if you are part of the single market there only exist the EU or you accept a Norway solution which copies EU law without a vote.

  5. This journalist seems to be an English person who does not want Scotland to become Independent and why? Because England needs Scotland more than itself shows. Scottish people pay the highest taxes in whole the UK and they still have fewer benefits from the UK than England has. I am from Greece a seventeen years old individual and I support Scottish Independence and of course, we want Scotland in the European Union, much more than England, much more than Turkey and much more than any other European nation. Scotland offers free high-quality education to EU Students and not only and we appreciate its attitude! Also If England did not need Scotland in the UK by now, the referendum should be held without a doubt from Theressa May… English people are heronic and want to govern everything and everyone, but wake up we live in the 21st century and you should let Scotland decide for its future.

  6. Hows your fortune growing Nicola, have you got enough millions and millions of your supporters money stashed away so when you've fn ruined Scotland the Sturgeon gang can slink off to your lluxury villa in Portugal and live far far from the mess you've left behind.

  7. Why does she keep going on and on about staying in The EU, to better Scotland's prospects? Doesn't she feel that by The UK leaving The EU that the country as a whole will able to trade with the rest of The World? What's the point of going Independent, only to be told what to do by The EU.

  8. Scots do not want to leave the U.K. The SNP party only have one goal which is to take Scotland out of the U.K. at any cost. Sturgeon is on her last legs as leader of a nationalist party which has failed Scotland and is failing the U.K.

  9. What a very confident first minister of my country who knows exactly what she wants, incidently so does the rest of Scotland want what she wants.

    In comparison to the uk p minister who has no clue what she wants never mind what she thinks she wants for the uk or even why she wants it.

    Independence here we come. I cant wait!!!!

  10. Nicola won’t call another independence vote now because she knows she’d lose it again.

    When will she learn that the poor and middle class Scots don’t want her globalist pro Brussels nonsense?
    The people know uncontrolled immigration has kept their wages down, in many case people are earning less than they were in 1995.
    Nicola and the ruling elite are doing very nicely though😡😡😡

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