Scottish independence: Jacob Rees-Mogg vs young yes campaigners | Channel 4 News

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Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg debates Scottish independence with a group of young pro-independence campaigners.

The leaders on the referendum result:
Alex Salmond:
David Cameron:
Alistair Darling:

Poll reaction from Scotland:

Coverage of the campaign trail:

ODN’s independence referendum recap:

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21 thoughts on “Scottish independence: Jacob Rees-Mogg vs young yes campaigners | Channel 4 News

  1. Fucking fanatics the lot of them. They bang on constantly about "independence " then want to join the European union who we dont elect and are a law unto themselfs and have lots of bullshit red tape l that's not being independent! The fact is these cunts will take independence even if it destroys scotland as long as they break up the union. We had a referendum the majority of scots didn't want to break up the union, literally hours after they were defeated they cried rigged election when that didn't work they called for another vote. In the meantime branding thier fellow scots "scum traitors scotlands shame etc etc etc. Well that kind of talk will never convince the no voters to change there vote. Snp is a divisive and undemocratic party. They function on hate and division and never give a straight answer on how independence will play out or work. Incidentally it will never happen way to many loyalists and unionists live i scotland and despite the denial from some this vote on independence boils down to the religious divide that has always existed in scotland. The tims will vote yes and the prods will vote no.

  2. I really admire Jacob Rees Mogg. He listens to the concerns and responds accordingly with respect even when he disagrees. Gentlemen like this is what’s missing from our country’s leadership.

    As a Briton living in England I believe Scotland can be a successful independent country despite the scare mongering. There may be down fall and challenges they may face but I believe the Scottish people can over come that. The reason I don’t want Scotland to go is because they are our family. Families have problems and somethings things are not always fair. But they must stick together cause when families break anyone can tell you it’s like having your limbs amputated.

  3. Scotland suppressed, Scotland dictated to, Scotland hard done by etc; etc;
    Why can't England have a referendum to leave the UK???
    Minority and noisy whingers are always get the headlines.

  4. JRM doubtfully asks if Scottish independence is worth taking an economic risk on…skip forewards he's currently encouraging the UK to go for a no deal, Hard Brexit from the EU despite very clear warnings from large employers and also the IMF…..

  5. JRM listening patiently to brainwashed SNP …. ppl who don't want conservatives in power in Scotland "ever ever" ( child ) Scottish tories are still a force, they used to have considerable number of seats until very recently when Scots decided elections were between welfare party and MORE welfare party.. Scotland would not survive outside UK , except as a basket case dependent on handouts.. SNP is doing terrible job running Scotland.. very heavy state spending which it could not support reliant on its own taxes. oil revenues are done, North Sea is spent, its too expensive to drll there, and too dangerous – much easier to get oil from other locations including Venezuela and Russia. SNP supporters seem to think they can carry on as they are when the UK money tap is turned off.

  6. The English and Scottish union has been going on for hundreds of years. Why that should end is beyond me, I do believe tho the Cities in Scotland should take a slice of financial businesses, government Institutions from London to Edinburgh or Glasgow. To create a prospering, diverse nation, with England and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

  7. These young people don't know what the good days were like before we joined the EU, plenty of good jobs opportunities, I was a young Scotsman in the good times. Where you could walk from a skilled job to another if you hand any qualifications. The SNP live in cloud cuckoo land. Where is the cash to come from to support our Valiant NHS, the millions it costs to run the Scottish Parliament. The Oil Industry is not what it used to be, the only thing left to tax is the whiskey industry. Sturgeon has done this already under the guise of Health & she is it again taxing people earn over £43,000/ year. If we had Independece we would be taxed to death but ton top of this she wants to bring more immigrants into Scotland. Scotland is a Country of Food banks, kids with degrees working in Supermarkets & McDonald's who can't find suitable work to meet their qualifications. Motorist speeding through our streets uncontrolled because of insufficient police numbers. Old age pensioners queuing outside doctors surgeries from 07-30am because our surgeries are overwhelmed due to the lack of Doctors.
    Perhaps they could get jobs ferrying the Scottish Notables from Holyrood commonly known as MSPs around they are extremely important, it would below their dignity if they have to walk or get the bus. The Scottish Parliament is now known as Holywood instead of Holyrood because of the Notables Film Star lifestyles.

  8. In Mel Gibson's movie "Braveheart," he portrays the Scots as being freedom-lovers. But these estrogen-y kids want to break away from the UK to throw away their sovereignty by aligning with the European Union. So they don't want separation to be free, but to be more enslaved (by even MORE distant masters). It's the saddest thing I've ever seen.

  9. Any individual who voted for independence in 2014 but voted remain in Brexit is racist. Scotland's big issue for Brexit was free trade, yet these people were happy to leave the United Kingdom ( whom we trade 4 times as much with than the EU) and risk losing a free trade/border relationship with England. This leads you to believe they are either stupid or racist towards English people. As a Scot I'm delighted we made the right choice in both referendums.

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