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International Editor Lindsey Hilsum is given a tour around Aleppo, Syria’s second city. Parts of the city are still in the hands of the Free Syrian Army, but they are increasingly squeezed between IS militants and the Syrian regime.

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6 thoughts on “The battle for Aleppo | Channel 4 News

  1. Assad's army uses barrel to target civilians.. They want all civilians to flee the rebel-held areas. They don't want the rebels to form any kind of "government" in their territory.
    But you can't force 4 million people to leave their city, can you??

  2. Can I be the first to call bullshit. A barrel bomb is no different from any other bomb, the only reason their using barrel bombs is because they've lost the capability to build actual bombs. They do the same damage and in the cases such as a civil war in which rebel forces hide among the general population have just many civilian casualties. Stop trying to do the US government approach to make it look like barrel bombs are any different to any other bomb.

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