Who are the anarchist arsonists from Bristol? | Channel 4 News

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An anarchist arson group from Bristol post their explanations on the internet after each attack, but police are increasingly concerned about public safety after the group set fire to the car of a retired teacher.

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20 thoughts on “Who are the anarchist arsonists from Bristol? | Channel 4 News

  1. Maybe I have a completely different idea of what anarchy is. I always thought anarchy was a total lack of government structure and laws of man or god.

    These dumb fucks describe a government at a local level. And the reasoning for burning someone's personal property is because the lazy stupid selfish communist claiming to be anarchist are complaining about a banker in another city who has a bunch of money from actually WORKING. these dumb fucks are not anarchists or even small local government libertarians but violent lazy power hungry communists who don't care about personal property or harming other people.

  2. Middle class anarchists, burning shops people have poured the life savings in to, destroying property people have worked long and hard for…bet they haven't got a hard days work in them

  3. As much as i do not condone burning teachers property, I think the oversight here is that government are the real problem , they are the ones whose punitive and dispassionate highly coercive policies are having a 'terrorising' effect of the vulnerable and the poor. But much of the population fail see this because of all the propaganda and media bias/ blackout around this subject.  All they get is reports like this one, which never address head on the underlying issues I address above.

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