Zimbabwe election: Armed police clash with opposition supporters

Riots have broken out in the Zimbabwean capital Harare as armed police clashed with crowds of opposition supporters.

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At least three people have been killed as security forces opened fire with guns, water cannon and tear gas – while protestors hurled rocks and set fire to cars.

Election officials say they will begin releasing results of the presidential election tomorrow. Our foreign affairs correspondent Jonathan Miller is in Harare.


32 thoughts on “Zimbabwe election: Armed police clash with opposition supporters

  1. I read hateful comments in the response section, from both Africans and those who don't think much of them, but after watching the report footage, all I see is a waste.  As much as I despised Mugabe and his thugs, I'd like to see the country get over its colonial past and move forward in some meaningful way, but if they can't do better than this…Chinese intervention will not save Africa; only Africans who learn to suppress their emotions and delay gratification will have any chance to make something of the place….best of luck…

  2. Isn't it the West who imposed sanctions in an effort create political instability? You can be pretty sure the West is behind the violence. Mugabe was the British agent, until he turned on them. When he cut off unfettered access to the resources, sanctions were imposed. The West cultivates contacts with disfranchised or disaffected people on the grounds and mobilizes them with arms and training to oppose any leader who does not consent to the extortion. Often the people engage in violence, and when the government responds, the international community calls for intervention. Other times, they fund militia groups and labeled them as freedom fighters. If the leader refuses to do the West’s deeds, they are relabeled as terrorist. This is same play book run over and over. Africans need to wake up.

  3. Those people in rural areas are promised to be beaten n chased away from the village if they talk about Chamisa. people are forced to vote in favour of zanu pf. Thats y they vote in large numbers.

  4. The police need to arest that reporter, and kick him out the country. U realy think the majority of the people, are so stupid to give up there party,and vote for some Pupet, he should tell his soporters to be calm and respect the outcome, instead he encourige them to take to the streets, that would never work small group of trouble makers been influence by outsiders.

  5. I will only believe in open ballot system of voting and the results should be announced at each polling stations then transmitted electronically to the head office of the electoral body

  6. U removed Mugabe,,,now usaid u dont needthe current president..kkkkkkkkkkk,,,,so wat now,,,u deserve shoting indeed………….,,Coz u were happy when,,Mugabe was forced to resign

  7. As long as ZANU pf rules they is no better Zimbabwe coz they only worry about themselves n their lifestyle not ours if they did would they send the army to kill n beat people like that no matter wat our voices will never b heard no one will go to the streets after this

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