Gaza: ‘Why did they destroy a hospital?’ | Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Miller reports from Gaza after Israel conducts a major assault against Hamas, which includes the destruction of the el-Wafa hospital.

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44 thoughts on “Gaza: ‘Why did they destroy a hospital?’ | Channel 4 News

  1. And Israel expect peace after killing so many children.
    So much arrogance and aggression will never bring peace to Israel. They will always live under the shadow of Palestine suffering.

  2. the jews get a welfare check from the USA to live a good life for free pay by the usa the jews don't make anything justs live for free big welfare check and steal land and water they steal very thing shoe plate etc

  3. We all know what Israel wants and that is the big natural gas reserve found off the shores of Gaza that is why . If they can't push the gazans into the sea they will annihilate them for their greedy agenda to steal from Palestinians .

  4. All I have to as is that the settlers are just as evil or more so because they will deliberately run over Palestinian kids crossing the road . And they only way a child has to protect themselves from this kind of terrorism and that is to throw rocks at the cars that are trying to run them down . The settlers will also terrorize Palestinian children going to school . And we wonder why Hamas fires rockets into Israel . The settlers aren't any better than the military .

  5. United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on November 10, 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), "determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination". The vote took place approximately one year after UNGA 3237 granted the PLO "observer status", following Yasser Arafat's "olive branch" speech to the General Assembly in November 1974. The resolution was passed with the support of the Soviet bloc and other then Soviet-aligned nations, in addition to the Arab and Islamic majority countries.

  6. When Jews gain power, financial, political, military……..mass murder of Gentiles follows. All their cult literature is an exhortation to murder and dispossession of the inferior "Goyim". I hope the Muslim do them, if they don't, they will end up like us in the West, slaves who's children are indoctrinated with a suicidal self loathing by the Marxist servants of the Jews.

  7. All of you who oppose Israel, shut the fuck up. Many countries have committed war crimes and if you want proof just Google it. The real reason you oppose Israel is because you are anti-Semitic. The "stolen land" card and the "genocide" card is all an excuse so you can bash the Jews. If you want peace, exterminate Islam. But until then, this isn't yours war so stay out of it. To be honest, I laugh at how much the media has drowned idiotic, weak minds of the western world with bigotry, under-dogma and propaganda. Israel forever!

  8. Sorry Maurice, but YOU are wrong.  ISRAEL represents God's Chosen People.  That title was held by the Jews until they mostly rejected Christ.  Those who accepted Him are still part of Israel.    The Samaritans accept some of what the Jews believed before Christ came.  They rejected other beliefs.  They cut themselves off.  Jews who rejected Christ cut themselves off from Israel.

  9. hahaha that make me Laugh …I know for a fact the hospital parking garage launched rockets …. Next time do not put in the hospital rocket launchers … delusional people
    All play righteous suddenly .. but most sane state in the Middle East is Israel …

  10. Proud of your lies, Channel 4?

    Not oen mention of the hospital's use as a rocket launching pad. (Palestinianst have always shelled hospitals first — In 1948, a medical convoy to Hadassah Hospital operating under safe conduct. was exterminated with the loss of 77 doctors, nurses, and patients right under the noses of British soldiers who promised to guard it.

    But, then, Jonathan Miller knows all this. He just wants another Jenin Massacre story.

  11. I'm sorry,I have no sympathy for the Palestinians….They reap what they sew.
    They elected a terrorist organisation, Hamas , who fire rockets and build terror tunnels provoking the response by Israel.Remember,this was started by the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israelis by Hamas….

  12. You know you have a good reporter when they acknowledge that their job is not to speculate, but to report.  If you always hear a reporter speculating, promptly ignore them.

  13. Dare I say, "Hamas have admitted to "making mistakes" by launching rockets from civilian areas and using schools and hospitals as cover" – just stop, maybe – and stop complaining when the civilians and hospitals  that you have hidden behind get hit ? – and perhaps renounce article 13 of The Hamas covenant, which declares that there can be no settlement, without war – and the destruction of Israel.    I have no side in this but there is no doubt, given the wherewithal and the right weapons , Hamas would be committing the same atrocities of which it complains – it all takes a different kind of thinking, altogether, to solve these issues

  14. why Hamas is shooting on the only humanitarian  passage (EREZ) for people of Gaza into Israel? are they nuts? or is the daylly opereration does this passage bad for Hamas fals "siege" propaganda?
    (see 24/8/14 bombs from Gaza injured 2 civilian while waiting for Gazans to take them to hospitals/family in Israel):,7340,L-4562845,00.html

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  15. israel is the terorist in this world and the end of israel is the peace of the world and the palestinian resistance will win , and the west is helping  israel to kill the innocent by the power they have it but the right alwayse win

  16. Israel left Gaza a few years ago. There was no blockade on Gaza at the time. 
    The siege began when the HAMAS took over Gaza and began firing rockets at Israel. 
    Of course, these figures were not mentioned …. 
    Israel has the right and obligation to defend its citizens that attack by rockets from Gaza.

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