Israel approves law to become a Jewish nation-state

The Israeli parliament has approved a highly controversial law to define the country as a Jewish nation state – and remove Arabic as an official language.

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24 thoughts on “Israel approves law to become a Jewish nation-state

  1. parliament: this state only for Jews not for Muslims and Christians.
    then why we calling only one democratic country in the middle east.

    Lebanon,Uae,oman,qatar are far better than Israel.Check the Human index and peace surveys held by international communities.

  2. Can anyone in Israel tell me how is France's Le Penn is regarded? I need a Jewish, Israeli opinion on this for a research project. Thank you. I appreciate anyone taking time for this.

  3. Its always been a Jewish state. It has to be that way in the middle east for their survival, otherwise there would be another holocaust. Why is it ok for Islamic countries to have an Islamic state, but not for Jews to have a Jewish state?

  4. The Palestinians and all of the other Muslim Majority countries were fine in making their countries Islamic nations with Islamic Law. They have no moral authority or credibility in lecturing the Jews of Israel about making their country a Jewish nation with Jewish Laws.

  5. And this is the country that Attacked America on 9/11, and tried to sink the U.S.S. Liberty. The nation that killed John F. Kennedy. The nation that spies on and infiltrates America more than any other. And they are supposedly our best ally? With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?

  6. If Jewish people in Iran or Egypt acted like this they would be taken out and shot and then their families would be tortured in jail. Israel is still infinitely more liberal than any country in the region. Calling them Nazis is just childish.

  7. Lol in comments section Islamic people have problems with this jews state but they don't have problems with so many Islamic state
    As an Indian go Israel well done!! Hope one day we will able to declare India a Hindu land too

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