John Lydon: British politicians are ‘uneducated morons’ | Channel 4 News

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John Lydon vents his anger over modern politics to Jon Snow.

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14 thoughts on “John Lydon: British politicians are ‘uneducated morons’ | Channel 4 News

  1. Anybody can learn to pass exams but real education you get from life. From all the people you encounter, your experiences. Being that rich….you don't tend to have much of a rounded view of the world unless you had exceptionally great parents. Rare indeed. So yeah this lot aren't what you call "grass roots" politicians. Their politics if about the fame and glory. Ego. Not from the gut. They're more interested in their image. Their place in history. Even if that will judge them, quite rightly, as a bunch a twats 

  2. In every walk of life you have good and bad people.

    It's not a good thing to be a yes sir, yes sir, three bags full robot…..You should have your own independent mind to think with and not follow the crowd all the time, in attempts to be liked.

    Some people are only self-serving, what they really care about is self and not others necessarily.

    That's like going to be a doctor because of the salary and prestige and less of because you care about people and want to heal the sick/ill people, if you know what I mean.

    Many people are too ignorant to care about the people making decisions that are going to affect their lives.

    University….There is no point going there if you don't want to be there….Some people, they go there to impress their parents, and many people, in their ignorance feel that only if you have a first are you clever, which is just not a sensible way of thinking….Although, I would say if you go there, give it your best effort and achieve your full potential…..Most education is about being a robot able to repeat and regurgitate what you have been told and less of what you have actually learned and digested, which is what it should really be about. If we had to depend only on people with first class or top grades, look at the state of the world today….We have all these geniuses but at times the world is looking like a bad movie, disasters everyday.

  3. Lydon is a political genius who never loses sight of the disgrace which is the British establishment and class system. Why the British population tolerates the abuse of privilege, and even the existence of privilege, is completely beyond me. Don't feed the monster! Revolt.

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