On the streets with far-right extremists Britain First | Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News follows a group of hardline religious extremists who intimidate Muslims, as they go out on a mission on the streets of London.

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43 thoughts on “On the streets with far-right extremists Britain First | Channel 4 News

  1. ETA one min, get ready…. bang…. lol lol lol
    they are wanna be isis i guess.. low life thugs looking for a new high! and was their terror chief Paul golding got arressed for suspected rape of 17 yes old intern girl at their BF office last yr

  2. It's a shame how the Brits can't even walk in their own streets. They are no longer free in their own home. And their very own government chooses to help the enemy. The Brits should prosecute all the politicians for treason. If this was a movie, who would believe it.

  3. Why is the focus always on a small pocket of patriotic people, whilst illigal migrants run around London and other countries robbing, attacking our people and raping our girls,

  4. Channel 4 news is far left and just like the BBC, yall shield terrorists, you lefttards will lose, just like you did in America, you will and gonna lose

  5. So what you're saying is, Islam is the most female friendly religion on the face of the earth, and anyone who opposes the spread of peace loving Islam hates all women. Hahahaha

  6. Britain First would never have been created if Britain's politicians, media, judiciary, counsellors, immigration etc had done their job properly instead of continually excusing, appeasing and failing to hold to account the Muslim community that includes hate preaching imams and countless muslims who have no desire or intention to integrate into British society. If they took a no tolerance attitude to muslims antisocial behaviour, including deporting rabble rousing preachers and other troublemakers wherever possible, Britain First would disappear as fast as it was created. Separate muslim prisoners into muslim only prisons so they can't spread their violent poison onto new inmates. There are countless effective ways of dealing with them. It only takes determination and courage. Treat Muslim mosques the same way Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan treat Christian churches.

  7. Fake news this is British people sick of Islam why don't you show that the Islam Muslims trying to enforce Islam on us British dirty Muslim savage's got to go and channel 4 are liberal Snowflakes and liars

  8. True hero's for England Britain first and Jayda trying to prevent a great country from becoming an Islamic SH#THOLE. Your leader May MUST be removed from power, the ultimate hypocrite, she is always safe while you gamble with your safety daily and she is brewing a civil war YOUR kids will fight.

  9. They're shouting "Taliban scum off our streets" when the Taliban are only interested in Afghanistan and share the same pig headed values! Britain First is the UK equivalent of the Taliban

  10. all good for Britain first but first keep British people out of other people country too leave Cyprus British troops and all those British people who only complain about Cyprus is runned its not England and u are guests there its not so nice when ur on the other hand is it I believe in each country for its own people but the Brits have messed up so many other country that's why it a shithole it self

  11. Just check out the FACTS: 1) We have the Kallergi's plan a mixed raced nationless person's vision of "Paneuropa" (only that this would b not Europe at all) of a continent with no nations, no religion, with mixed raced people of 1 lanquage, ruled by the aristocrats and the (((master race))). 2) So called "professors" like (((Noel Ignatiev))) calling without consequences for distruction of white race (I guess hate speech only apllies against whites) 3) (((Barbara Spectre))) that so wisely Swedes living her staying in their country, saying that Europe must changed cuz its very Ethnically oriented and that (((Her people))) (i guess She is not feeling very Swede) are in the center of that. 4) George Soros spending billions to promote "diversity" like its something premished that the "other" is always friendly 5) All the establishement E.U, UN, mainstream Media, Hollywood pushing Cultural Marxist agenda 6) Ex-Muslims informing that this is not migration but "Hegira" the the spreading of religion by the Muslims 7) The Muslims them selfs telling that they want to turn Europe in to Eurabia and they never gonna "intergrate" that Sharhia law is better than democracy. 8) Aristotle and the other Greeks claiming that democracy only works in homogenized population. But still the Europeans don't want to understand what's happening. The darkness of totalitarianism that comes if We don't protect our countries.

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