Sri Lanka and Sirisena: Is the country really changing? | Channel 4 News

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David Cameron praises the “open and progressive stance” taken by new Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena as the pair meet in the UK – but how is Sri Lanka changing?

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18 thoughts on “Sri Lanka and Sirisena: Is the country really changing? | Channel 4 News

  1. It was so unfortunate to see fellow Tamil civilians suffer during the last stages of the civil war but one need to understand that LTTE was a ruthless facist outfit, that murdered sinhala and Tamil civilians. Majority sinhalese suffered the worst. When 'ceylon' under British rule didn't want to see unity among the sinhalese and Tamil as they consider it as a threat to governing Sri Lanka. Atrocities committed by British troops during their occupation during 1800 were much severe, they need to look into these first.

  2. Actually, SriLana is turning into a ISIS breading ground give them few years it will be known as Islamic Republic of Srikistan. Then they will come to get you next UK

  3. UK messing poor countries for their own political and economic gains and motives. Very sad how tamils act so pathetic in front of them. UK, America will rob Trinco port and sell western items to Tamils. When they get sick from eating western items they will sell tamils their medicines full of side effects and redicule Ayurveda (even robbing that knowledge to produce synthetic drugs). In the mean time privatizing and getting tamils to work for $2 per day while UK people earn 10 times that PER HOUR

  4. 1 Did your stupid channel report human rights violations against USA in Iraq and Afghanistan. Did you guys try to get justice for afgani or iraq people ?
    2. What about the USA hand Israel killing field in Palestine ?  Do you have any Video evidence for them to get justice. anyway i have seen so many on Youtube. you can get from their and make a documentary. 
    3. What about the Sweden, Greece illegal turn back and illegal operations in Italy, turkey against immigrants by breaking international law. Did you keep reporting ? Did those illegal immigrants to be valid label as justice cases ? 
    4. What about the European union assistant for illegal immigration operations and no actions for any of those countries who break international law. Thousand and thousand Africans died, beaten and suffering hunger. 
    4. Do you like UN (made in usa ) unfair treating agendas between developed and developing countries. 
    5. Did you guys keep reporting ongoing human rights violations against immigrants in USA little brother UAE
    6. Did you try to get justice for poor Ukrainian people and MH 17 victims by accusing Russia. oh no you cant cuz Russia has nuclear power and there is know agent to feed you by good black dollars.

  5. Ha ha ha  i can get idea of this channel reputations by looking at subscription numbers and their statistics. they on own agendas  to get black money feed from some Tamil groups who funded LTTE. 

  6. There is nothing to change in this country, and nothing will change. MR or MS everything happen the way we want. That's the beauty of this country. Keep probing but end of the day we have the backing of countries who got veto.

  7. they get nothing if they come like this you tamil people. if you giye your hand to sri lanka and sinhalese people they will give their hands too. but if you come with some countries and media, will get nothing.

  8. British foreign policy is such a laughable joke. Rajapaksa was accused of being authoritarian dictator by the British government despite him standing down as president and being quite simply nothing compared to the authoritarian monarchs in the House of Saud which are prime minister and prince recently wined and dined with morning their authoritarian dictator who's abused the population for decades. On the other hand it's seem's illogical that we can accuse a country who suffered from terrorist bombings for years and a decade long civil war of war crimes all the while the British government is immune from prosecution for Iraq, refuses to acknowledge their involvement in the disdabalization of Syria and continues to defend Israel against war crimes despite them being the biggest military backers of Sri Lanka.

    If anything this just proves what a disgusting sham western foreign policy is, influenced financially by the Arab states the main location for Tamil Tiger Refugees and calling for war crimes prosecution and throwing around the label authoritarian dictatorship from the world leaders in terror funding, human right abuses and authoritarian theocracy.

    I have nothing wrong with Sri Lanka being tried for war crimes but lets be fair if this should ever happen we also need to see Netanyahu, Bush, Blair and even Obam and Cameran in the same dock.

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