What would the UK do without Scotland? | Channel 4 News

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A “Yes” vote in September’s independence referendum would of course be momentous for Scotland, but what effect would it have on the rest of the United Kingdom..on the remaining rump?

The leaders on the referendum result:
Alex Salmond: http://bit.ly/XtrdxF
David Cameron: http://bit.ly/1r5q0bA
Alistair Darling: http://bit.ly/1mk5C6W

Poll reaction from Scotland: http://bit.ly/1ml96FH

Coverage of the campaign trail: http://bit.ly/1qYcjeH

ODN’s independence referendum recap: http://bit.ly/ReferendumRecap

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27 thoughts on “What would the UK do without Scotland? | Channel 4 News

  1. Tbh there would be no united kingdom without scotland. The union: ie the United Kingdom was between Scotland and England, take one away and it no longer exists. Good luck trying to united with a small province of England called Wales and a small province called northern Ireland.

  2. A reality check coming now. The "united" kingdom owes its existence to the disaster of 1707 (act of union). An independent scotland sets both England and Scotland free, the "united" kingdom ceases to exist……. As an analogy for the benefit of the intellectually challenged – think of a marriage, in which one partner gets a divorce. Does one of the partnership become divorced while the other remains married ? An added bonus is that the Irish question disapeares along with the "united" kingdom. Win win

  3. What is the original language of Scotland? It sounds like it is English. My great grandfather once said to me if I lost my original language then I've already lost part of my cultural identity. Lands and money can be sold and bought but your own mother tongue passed down is a thing of pride and should not be traded or forgotten. Once it is gone it can't be got back. To then speak with pride is somewhat lacking, except when speaking in someone else's tongue.

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