Dismaland: inside Banksy’s dystopian playground

Clandestine street artist Banksy opens a theme park like no other. Inside a derelict lido in Weston-super-Mare, Dismaland features migrant boats, a dead princess and Banksy’s trademark dark humour.

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43 thoughts on “Dismaland: inside Banksy’s dystopian playground

  1. Just let the guy do his theme park y'all, why be so angry??? Jealous that some ordinary street artist become famous and you ain't?? Grow up, there are worse things to be hating on

  2. If Banksy's "social commentary" were lyrics he would be Sum 41.

    Basic middle school level pseudo intellectual bullshit for people to think is so deep. Seriously, this guy hasn't said an original thing in his life. His work is like if Hallmark made sarcastic anarchist greeting cards.

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