Krept and Konan: ‘The Brits are out of touch’

UK grime artists Krept and Konan have spoken out about the lack of diversity in this year’s Brit Award nominations.
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48 thoughts on “Krept and Konan: ‘The Brits are out of touch’

  1. Well imo the reason why the brits aren't in touch is because usa rap is full of gay people and I think its brushing off on these guys. All kept and konan did is promote gang violence now they perfect lol. Ffs

  2. that interviewer is such a dick head… fucking hate the guy.. remember the
    interview he did with Robert Downey Jr… where he tried to piss him
    off so bad.. but failed soo bad.. i hope i meet him one day.. will knock him

  3. Grime was made in the streets. And the streets can be a violent place. You cannot separate grime from the street life, which is real life for many, and therefore grime will carry negativity. Let's be real, grime will always be underground because it paints a picture of life that people don't want to see.

  4. There is thousands of white musicians out there struggling aswell. If you're good enough and have abit of luck on your side you'll maybe make it in the music industry. There is no race issue in the music industry. Blacks feel they are entitled to success you have to work for it believe it or not.

  5. Let's be honest, the only black guy who can probably get nominated for a Brit is Craig David, if he keeps producing music. He's literally the only black English guy that has music loved by everyone. And considering uk mainstream music is at such a low point, the scene is his for the taking

  6. it's England. it won't change. clean up the lyrics and go mainstream or just get on with doing your ting. copying the Americans won't help here. you think there's going to be a black oscar winner next year now?? lmao no no no. same here, stop crying and get back in the studio fam.

  7. Kristian guru murphy diverted this whole interview regarding the #britsowhite with why are chip and yungen beefing. I'm appalled by that tactic these brothers didn't really get the opportunity to discuss the real issues in this matter. lets just hope next year they'll be more ethnicity at the brits

  8. The problem is this…. Did you know that 94% OF RADIO 1’S MOST-PLAYED SONGS IN 2014 WERE MAJOR LABEL RELEASES? This means that they were signed to one of 3 labels Sony, Warners or Universal. We call for the BBC Radio 1 & 2 to represent the incredible music talent the exists within the UK on it's playlists by committing 30% of its playlist to music released by independent artists or labels. – STOP MAJOR RECORD LABELS MONOPOLISING BBC RADIO 1 & 2 AIRPLAY

  9. Krepts a prick about black what a twat why is he chating shit about black and he repesents black uk culture what a prick the uk streets is a youth and a uk culture race dont exzist in that my hood aint black its every race prick man wil get clapped

  10. I agree more ethnicities should be represented in the brits but don't say so kids can see you as role model. last thing you need in a deprived area is little boys aspiring to be rap artists when you talk shit in your videos , unless you are imortal technique or lowkey and have a good message in your rap. kids need proper role models, especially black boys, they can aspire to be more than just a 'rapper'. Plenty of black Doctors and professionals that black kids can aspire to be, last thing they need is to want to be a ghetto superstar. no pun intended. btw im not black

  11. This is to all you racist fuckboys commenting listen to the music first, do your research, then you can judge.

    for now you have no idea what your on about and just embarrassing yourself and your race. smh

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