Spy cable revealed: How telecoms firm worked with GCHQ | Channel 4 News

An unprecedented grab of personal data: this programme reveals that a communications firm not only handed over its own information to GCHQ, but also allowed access to the internet traffic of another telecoms company.

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19 thoughts on “Spy cable revealed: How telecoms firm worked with GCHQ | Channel 4 News

  1. Am i the only one that's absolutely fine with this?
    No one's looking at my data, because i'm not a risk. And if they ARE looking – more fool them.

  2. GCHQ and MI5, with their 20,000 inland/domestic UK spies costing the UK taxpayer well over £2 billion a year, is a despotic regime accountable to just a few super-powerful nameless, faceless individuals. Their job is to sniff out any decent amongst it's own innocent citizens (who pay their extortionate wages through taxes). The surveillance they carry out has little or nothing to do with terrorism, if anything they themselves are the terrorists, The hide behind a blanket of secrecy which means they can act with impunity. Like the Stasi in communist E. Germany, they have their spies everywhere listening to conversations in pubs, at concerts, cafe's airports train stations and anywhere people congregate. They closely spy on trade unions and are at every major public gathering.  The British people must be mad to accept this. One day they will come for you.

  3. Everyone is so worried about their privacy but they never understand or see the big picture!! It's incredibly liberating to understand the world so i suggest you look past your nose and look around!!

  4. jesus wept Channel 4, BT used to be "The post office", BT are like GCHQs "nephew". They built Bletchley parks first computers during WW2. hardly a revelation now is it, yawn.

  5. All for gchq's now rather impressive collection of media showing what all innocent children get up to behind webcams? In their private time? Gchq just needs that information and there was no other way…

    Gchq or their bosses apparently couldn't inform children or parents about the fact that gchq has loads of indecent images, video and audio of children under the age of 16 during private Web sessions. Are we the public expected to believe that parents and children couldn't even be warned in full detail in public about the dangers of such a system? Especially before it was put into place collecting countless terrabytes of 'not' child pornography and indecent images just important terrorist fighting data…

  6. tesco millions of customer data including personal details-which are paramount to store location…..has been sending the club card details to American company which  first pioneered big data in the beginning…..

  7. All I want to know is if the e-mail I sent in 2002 has gotten to the Indian takeaway yet? I am still waiting for a reply. If you pick it up in a few years time. It was for an Chicken Tikka Masala, and a couple of Nam bread. Please reply asap, I am extraordinarily hungry now!

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