The Snappening: Thousands of Snapchat photos leaked | Channel 4 News

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It was designed to be a fun way of sending your friends images that would disappear within seconds of receipt. But Snapchat – and its users – have been caught between two modern-day phenomena – sexting and hacking.

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8 thoughts on “The Snappening: Thousands of Snapchat photos leaked | Channel 4 News

  1. The Fappening = A few dozen celebs are effected and FBI instantly get involved investigating it.

    The Snappening = Thousands of regular people are effected (many of whom are under 18 years old) FBI not wanting to get involved just yet…

  2. Why do people care if a photo exist of them on the internet naked? Its your human body get over it. why be ashamed of it. Its society that has in bedded our brains into thinking are real body's should be hidden. Well I say fuck that I get nakid all the time and I'm not even looking that great, I might seem crazy now but give in a few hundred yeas and i'll be normal in the eyes of society as it progresses. Who wants a dick pic?

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