Child exploitation still on ‘industrial scale’ in Rotherham | Channel 4 News

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has told a public meeting that child sexual exploitation is still on an “industrial scale” in Rotherham and the wider area, as he faced angry calls for his resignation.

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32 thoughts on “Child exploitation still on ‘industrial scale’ in Rotherham | Channel 4 News

  1. I just dont get how they parents tolerated this!! In eastern europe noone would wait for the police ,every father or mather would die for his child!WOW THE PARENTS KNEW ABOUT THIS AND DIDNT KILL THE PAKISTANIS

  2. How can it be said that Meredydd John Hughes is not the modern day Cecil Price?? This debacle has many similarities with Mississippi Burning. The attitude towards the victims, the reluctance to prosecute, the flat denial of knowledge, the people in high positions that knew nothing.The attitude of Joyce Thacker OBE is disgusting. The conclusion that it was a failure of the police and the council is not believable. There was clearly a cover up.They are not like ordinary working class folk.

    These people are trained on how to evade prosecution. Remember in US v Cecil Price (& 17 others), the state did not prosecute the bent cops… It was the federal government. Similarly, it is the HoC that are prosecuting them and not the local government (because they are bent). Watch the film Mississippi Burning and come back to this video

  3. Is this the same South Yorkshire Police that falsely blamed Liverpool fans for the Hillsborough Disaster when it was their own incompetencies ??

    Oh yes, of course it was.

  4. Why have none of these public servants been fired ???? They seem to be totally immune & protected by the political system & the legal system??? The vulnerable have no such protection & the child rapists & abusers also seem immune from prosecution in the UK & elsewhere??

  5. Channel 4 News has known about this abuse for over a decade, but only decided to report on it recently along with the other networks: they are just as responsible in their silence as the paedophiles THEY ENABLED and continue to enable. They will still not utter a SPIT about the Hollie Greig child abuse case.

  6. Time for the good people of these communities to take the LAW into their own hands – its quite obvious the authorities are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. 

    I think its time for the indigenous population to UNITE and FIGHT THE ENEMY WITHIN – including the marxist multi-cult cretins that allowed this and did NOTHING to stop these f*cking animal savages!  

  7. England has completely lost its way and sold out its values. How sick do you have to be to where you'd rather see kids raped and pimped out continously by Muslime thugs than be called a racist?  WTF is wrong with these people!?

  8. The police are just as much to blame as the parents who failed to protect their teenage kids. Their is far to much shifting of blame in this story first by the far right making it a racial issue and now by the families and tabloids making it a political/police issue. The police are to blame and the guy should stand down, but I also find it hard to believe the parents of these kids, who are now making the complaints did fucking anything to protect their kids from being molested by a gang of sex offenders.

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