Ken Loach: life in austerity Britain is ‘consciously cruel’

For over fifty years Ken Loach has made films that rage against social injustice in the UK. His work has made us confront many of the issues we’d rather avoid. He retired in 2014, but made a return in response to the Conservative Victory last year – and now wants us all to take a hard look at austerity Britain. He’s joined by Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng to debate what’s happening within Britain’s welfare system today.


41 thoughts on “Ken Loach: life in austerity Britain is ‘consciously cruel’

  1. In April 2016, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs paid for Kwarteng and ten other Conservative MPs to visit Saudi Arabia on a "parliamentary fact-finding" mission. The Saudi Arabian government paid between £1,500 and £3,700 for each MP.
    Who are the real parasites?

  2. Me Kwartang politicians enter politics to make the lives of the citizens of this country better not worse like you and your Tory government has.The audacity of him to sit there and deny this is not happening is shocking. Failure of leadership and failure of this government .Mr Kwartang you have failed as an MP.

  3. Families in every city in Britain would starve to death if it wasn't for donations and a man coming from parents who left a poor country for a rich one thinks his party is working for everybody? The education he received has clearly failed him. If even that Tory is asking why people still vote for them if they are so horrible why arn't we?

  4. Just experienced passive aggressive bullying whilst trying to access PIP which is why I watched this absolutely amazing film that says it all and so much more. I want to do something BIG! Its shocking and how have we got here? The MP is stating that Ken Loach is a socialist like that is a choice…hoe about saying he is a deeply caring human being who stands up for those who find they have no voice through no fault of their own. Ken Loach I have nothing but admiration for you and using your creativity to try t make a difference and a point in this sorry nation.

  5. It's the same here in America. People who apply for disability are denied right off the bat no matter what the medical/mental health is. It's only those who can struggle through and fight it after going through 2 much greater denials before they are granted their disability. Most struggle on attempting to work sometimes finding inferior work to their experience but that puts and even greater duress on the health. It is conscious cruelty. It shouldn't be easy to receive disability but it shouldn't kill you to go through the process either.

    I have a friend who suffered a severe injury in a motorcycle accident. He was paralyzed from the waist down. While in coma they had to put him in a halo frame to support his cervical spine. After months of care in the hospital he needed a really good wheel chair. His insurance couldn't cover the cost because it only allowed coverage for one hard appliance and that was the halo frame. He was paralyzed from the waist down had paid his insurance premiums forever and they wouldn't cover buy him a wheel chair. Granted this isn't about disability but it is about bureaucrats in our health care.

  6. So Ken Loach is, very politely put, a liar and a Commie? Kwartang flat out refuses to acknowledge the problem and denies the reality of any perspective outside his own.

  7. Ken Loach telling it as it is, as always – good work, brother! As for Kwasi Kwarteng, I would have hoped that as a black man he'd have had more self respect than to be used by the Tory toffs in this way, i.e. to make them seem more inclusive and egalitarian; where's your pride, mate?

  8. I'm 4 months pregnant and I've been sanctioned for 2 months due to technical difficulties and not being able to access my universal credit account at the time of my work search review despite being actively applying for jobs. I called them up and I said you know I'm pregnant right? And they confirmed that yes they did. So they're even sanctioning pregnant women, it's not right

  9. There in power cause of people who want to hurt welfare people .and get cheap labour .while there happy they don't give a shit if we are in fact they wish they'd just die .the con voters would love to bring hanging back

  10. They are indeed the party of food banks and the high number and reliance upon them is frankly unacceptable in the 6th largest economy, yet to hear some Tories speak about it it's as though they're proud of their involvement in society rather than ashamed.
    I saw a news report of a Tory MP opening a food bank with pride rather than the shame that so many people will have to come to rely upon it, it cannot be right.

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