Re-ordering the aristocracy

Although the law on Royal succession has been changed to allow Kate and William’s new baby to inherit the throne, regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl – that’s not true for the aristocracy. Now some are calling for reform.


32 thoughts on “Re-ordering the aristocracy

  1. M___  BS / Rampage killings, time for a time off, to perceive better & understand. how about a global party for a few days. <try it/   it opens the mind as well as the pleasure.  imagination conquers the world and renews  it.

  2. God these people are highly Inbred…. I can sort of see how nutcase David ike thinks they are reptilian shapeshifters.
    I wish the Proletariat would rise up and capture their land and houses and string them up! Vivre le Revolution!

  3. All this talk about titles and they refer to the Earl of Balfour's wife as if she is his daughter 'Lady Tessa'. Shes the fucking Countess of Balfour…not Lady Tessa. Shes Lady Balfour or the Countess of Balfour. Lady Tessa Balfour implies that she is the earls daughter.

  4. its interesting to note that before it became popular to 'attack the patriarchy', centuries went by with women not making a peep about it. Only when it becomes socially acceptable and 'cool' do women embrace feminism.

  5. I'm so sick of all the improvisational change-for-the-sake-of-change tinkering and fiddling with every centuries-old modus operandi on the planet. When one looks into these hoary old traditions, one invariably finds that there is a practical, sensible, and functional logic to it. If it's not broke, don't fix it.

  6. Men and women are not equal and pretending they are only makes things worse.France threw out "old traditions" with the French Revolution and that took France from possibly the most influential country in the world at the time to being second rate at best. Britain is going down the tubes fast enough already, why go faster?!?!?!

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