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Krishnan Guru-Murthy writes: ‘I really didn’t want to fall out with Samuel L Jackson, but this was clearly the sequel to my Tarantino interview and I was going to have to ask him about violence in movies. [..] I told the PR handler the topics I wanted to talk about in advance in some detail and said: “Tell him, and make sure he’s prepared. I don’t want to have an argument, I want him to engage”.’

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28 thoughts on “Samuel L. Jackson interview | Channel 4 News

  1. The role of the interviewer is to ask questions that initiate thought provoking responses. In this case, those that are slamming the interviewer, have no idea. The reason we all think SLJ is an absolute star is because the questions that initiated great response.

  2. This interviewer is a disgrace. For the first time I’m ashamed of being an Indian lol. Back in my country even the most horrible of horrible news channels conduct better interviews.

  3. Stupid interviewer, lick my boot you filthy idiot you are a giant tub of lard. I didn't know poop kould be stacked so high. You were mean to Robert Downey Jr and now to Sam. Shut Up you filthy animal interviewer.

  4. SAY WWWWWHAT ONE MORE TIME! < This comment is made with the utmost respect. I just love that he didn't change the wording and still went through his lines. Or we would have missed that great proformance.

  5. He is an awesome man but unfortunately the world isn't anymore…they are very less ppl like him who are still rational and practical in making decisions in their life…Parents can't control their children anymore these days and media plays a gigantic role in the future of the young generations,they discover a lot from TVs, internet, video games etc…yeah when Samuel was a kid,those days perhaps they do not what video games were but now look around guys, almost every child has at least a gadget around them, so how can we say that they are not affected by these things??

  6. Khrishnan Guru-Murthy is the BBC's Tabloid tyle interviewer. He ALWAYS tries to take it to issues like race and other personal dirt on the person he interviews, rather than addressing their "Work". He's pretty much scum that goes for low hanging fruit.

  7. So based on this guy's interviews, when they're off the set Tarantino can be loud as any Jackson character and Jackson can be subtle as the director. No wonder he's a role model.

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