Stormzy Interview 2017 (extended): Dealing with depression while making his new album

From playing with Ed Sheeran at the Brit Awards to making a number one album – Stormzy’s had quite a year. But in an extended interview with Channel 4 News, he says it hasn’t always been so easy. Subscribe for more:


46 thoughts on “Stormzy Interview 2017 (extended): Dealing with depression while making his new album

  1. It feels like the reporter is trying to catch him out in all of his answers to her questions. She seems completely incapable to read into the answers he has given and pick out the messages he is trying to portray.

  2. Loaded questions. What gender was she pushing. Daaaaamn. So frustrating actually can't listen anymore. He dealt with it so well smart guy. Upstanding & woke person unlike skepta. 😩 stormz is actually taking a risk on his career to talk about this stuff. 💪👊

  3. The interviewer is such a bitch trying to make it look like it's all about race tbh I don't believe it's race its class there's white and black people in poverty in the UK we are all in it together no matter the colour of our skin

  4. it's within us to get rich and live like a king. I have some news for you Jesus was about living for God and not possesions and money!!! This guy is a stupid prick talking about his faith like God wants him to do what he is doing ha ha ha

  5. The system is designed to create scarcity. If you are starving, & there are plants in the ground to eat.. it is MONEY that stops the natural thing happening.

  6. Probably the best interview I've heard with Stormzy. He's such a genuine person. Someone you'd really want as a friend. Nevermind that he's super talented. Kudos to the interviewer.

  7. These race questions are irrelevant . She's only doing it because she wants to get stormzys opinions to share around and gossip. Glad Stormzy didn't rise to the bait. The media are gossips and twist things

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