Thailand cave rescue: All boys saved – how they did it

“We did something nobody thought possible,” the leader of the Thai cave rescue mission declared today after the last trapped boys and their coach were finally freed, ending their 17-day ordeal. The dangerous, highly complex operation was launched after the group became stranded deep inside the flooded cave. They’ll now be in hospital for at least a week, and they’re being quarantined for fear of infection. Their families have only been able to see them through a glass window.

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42 thoughts on “Thailand cave rescue: All boys saved – how they did it

  1. I will tell you why it took 17 days to rescue them.

    Because they was still practicing there final grand "debut"

    -Take boys into cave
    – Wait for new reporter to get there
    – allow them to broadcast it to millions of people around the world.
    – Get a Navy Thai seals to rescue them but then he dies.
    – get USA Elon Musk to advertise he's great product and make him like the hero

    Then someone said. Oh but this looks like in favour of us? We must show the public that we too have suffered in some way.

    Someone said I got it. Let's say the Australian doctor dad died on the last day as he was just coming out rescuing the team.

    BOOM! That's a rap! and public will know. Western save the day!

  2. From Thailand – Thank you, everyone from around the world who came to help us, who donated all sort of equipment and times for helping us and supprted us. We deeply appreciated all of you. Without all those international contribution, we would not have been able to bring them out alive… πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  3. Hello Thai rescuers! That is the evaluation of your years of training & working experience, now you are the rescuers at another advanced level. Mind you this might be a small case since We still have the same geographical locations & their changes, so be ready as you were ready for this case but prepare your mind to face the greater of all cases. Bless you, congratulations & take a strong courage.

  4. So many people missed the most important part of the story. The guy who was with the boys is only an assistant to the actual coach who is busy on that day and leave the boys to his assistant. The coach only realised that they did not return when he received messages from the boys parents and rushed to the scene. It will be even more wonderful if the diver did not sacrifice his life. There is also a sad part of the story even though it comes with a happy ending. My heart goes to the family of the diver who died in the course of the rescue.

  5. See Mr Trump, International co-operation does work miracles and saves lives. Your nationalism would not have saved the kids and seems God had many prayers from so many religions he stepped in…. like kids in hospital they just asked for curry and no homework. Sometimes when the world prayers in unison, miracles do happen.

    As a Brit I am proud some of us played a leading part in the INTERNATIONAL team. Well done the many from all over the world who did their bit for humanity.

  6. You would hope tha FIFA rather than free soccer matches, look after these kids, scholarships could be an idea , specially for the Media to try and look after the future of the refugee boy, which I am sure, his life is certainly not been a bed of roses and God knowns, they extracted audience with this news ( which it means money). I wish them all the very best, and hope they get some positive and concrete help in their lives. All honour and glory to the rescuers and volunteers.

  7. What a captivating story. I hope the boys and their families get to know the poor widow of Mr. Gunan. It doesn't sound like they had any children. Great job and heartfelt thanks to the brave rescuers and volunteers.

  8. Some of the comments are so salty when the story is about how amazing human can be if we are not being a**hole to each other. Yes there are wars going on, slaves, murder, refugee crisis etc but that is the reason why we need this kind of story. To show that we human are not always a pathetic parasite leeching off earth.

    This story is amazing. Everyone comes from all over the world to help these kids out alive. The diver who died showed how much dangerous this mission can be, and he will be remembered as the hero with a great sacrifice. It's a team effort, some contributes more than another, but everyone deserve a praise, from the leading divers to the volunteers cooking to even the passerby who gives way for the ambulance to pass.

    Some people can't go help the kids and can just watch this from the news, we could do nothing to help, so we can only hope and pray. For the one who believes in God would pray, and those who doesn't believe in God would hope. The goal is the same: we want everyone to come out alive and well. Let's not turn this into country-bashing, religion-bashing or politic-bashing.

  9. I believe and know God was very much involved in the rescue of the Thai soccer team. The moment the rescue concluded, monsoonal rain lashed the site, the pumps failed, and most of the equipment had to be abandoned to rapidly rising flood waters as rescuers rushed out of the cave to save their own lives. This all happened as the last 4 boys and their coach were literally carried out of the mouth of the cave. You could not script a movie better.
    That is God – it was His hand staying disaster – and when He withdrew His mighty hand, then all things went back to normal and the caves filled up with water.

    Those boys breathe and live today because of God. The goddess of Nanong had nothing to do with it.

    While the rest of the world rightly celebrates the bravery of the rescuers, this morning I acknowledge God, His central role in the rescue, and the fact that without Him the boys would now be dead. God is amazing – all praise to Him. He is the giver of life.

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